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emerging technologies

So let us bow our heads with
respect for the anxieties and joys
of "trying all" and "discovering all."
The Phenomenon of Man

SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies is searching for work that moves beyond digital tradition, blurs the boundaries between art and science, and transforms social assumptions.

When the World Wide Web emerged, it was an interesting but limited forum for simple collaboration. After art and science converged to create the graphical web browser, human interaction was transformed by a new medium that proliferated throughout the world.

Everyone who is developing key breakthroughs that will define 21st-century technology is invited to submit a proposal to Emerging Technologies. If accepted, your work will be demonstrated in the leading international forum for adventurous innovation.

Since the early 1990s, Emerging Technologies has showcased a vast range of new ideas in art and science: music, audio, displays, haptics, sensors, robotics, gaming, artificial intelligence, collaborative environments, medicine, biotechnology, design, entertainment, aerospace, military applications, virtual reality, ubiquitous computing, wearables, hand-helds, real-time graphics, and mobile technologies.

Convergence and Transformation of Art and Science

For SIGGRAPH 2005, experimental work that focuses on the convergence and transformation of art and science will be given special consideration. In particular, scientific visualization applications are invited. We're encouraging proposals that explore science, high-resolution digital-cinema technologies, and interactive art-science narrative. The full potential of your convergent work will be supported by our close collaboration with two related programs: the Art Gallery and the Computer Animation Festival.

Art-Focused Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies and the Art Gallery are coordinating interactive submissions. They will jointly review interactive submissions that are focused on art. If your Emerging Technology project is interactive art, please indicate this focus within your Emerging Technologies proposal and on your online submission form. The Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies will share space at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We are hoping to make optimum use of the Access Grid for distributed performances by invited artists.

Computer Animation Festival

Emerging Technologies is coordinating submissions with the Computer Animation Festival for real-time animations and new ultra-high-resolution content. Please review what's New for SIGGRAPH 2005 and the Submission Procedure Checklist periodically to see what we have in store and for details on submitting material.

Documentation of Emerging Technologies Work

In addition to showing installations, contributors will present talks on their research, and their work will be documented on the SIGGRAPH 2005 Full Conference DVD-ROM and Conference Select CD-ROM as well in a supplemental DVD of interactive work. Descriptions will also be presented on the SIGGRAPH 2005 web site and in the Program & Buyer's Guide.

All the details on how to submit your work are available here. Before you decide to prepare and submit a proposal, please review the Requirements that you must meet if your proposal is accepted. If you can not meet these requirements, please do not submit a proposal.

Please read New for SIGGRAPH 2005 to find out what has changed from last year and Frequently Asked Questions to review common questions about Emerging Technologies. The Submission Procedure Checklist provides important information to ensure that your submission will be complete.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send inquiries via email. We look forward to receiving your proposal for participation in the world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Donna J. Cox
SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies Chair
National Center for Supercomputing Applications/University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign