SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Important Information for SIGGRAPH 2004 Presenters

Online Registration

Online Hotel Reservations

Speaker Preparation

Author Instructions: How to Prepare Your Material for Publication

Equipment Insurance Form
The deadline for submitting items for insurance coverage was 31 May.

Donor Recognition Form

Shipping Instructions (5.3MB PDF)

Professional Presentation of Finished Work for the Art Gallery

Computer and Audio/Visual Equipment Rental Form (446KB PDF)

Acceptance Agreement

If your submission is accepted by SIGGRAPH 2004, an Acceptance Agreement will be produced from the Permissions section of your online submission form. You must print that agreement, sign it, and fax it or send it via postal or courier service before SIGGRAPH 2004. If we do not receive your completed, signed Acceptance Agreement, your work cannot be presented at SIGGRAPH 2004.

The acceptance agreement is a legal document. It explains the uses SIGGRAPH makes of presented material and requires you to acknowledge that you have permission to use this material. This may involve seeking clearance from your employer or from others who have loaned you material, such as videotapes and slides. The agreement helps prevent situations whereby SIGGRAPH 2004 presentations include material without permission that might lead to complaints or even legal action. In addition, this agreement asks if ACM SIGGRAPH may use your materials for conference and organization promotional material in exchange for full author/artist credit information.

Presenter Recognition Guidelines
  • Presenter recognition is offered to contributors and volunteers as a token of appreciation for work done for or contributed to the conference.
  • Benefits of contributing both time and content to the conference should be largely professional and/or intrinsic.
  • Recognition should provide the necessary access and resources to volunteers to perform their jobs at the conference.
  • At a minimum, the major contributor to a work should receive a formal record of that contribution.
  • Presenters and volunteers should receive appropriate recognition in major conference documentation.
  • If two or more works are accepted by the conference, presenters will receive the highest-value recognition for which they are eligible.
  • Registration is provided for actual participants REQUIRED to successfully present the work, up to the maximum number listed.
For more information about recognition for specific programs, contact the appropriate program chair.

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA