SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Beginning in 2004, the 5k award competition for excellence in web design and production will be managed by ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers as part of the annual SIGGRAPH Conference Web Graphics program.

The 5k is a web-based contest, created by Stewart Butterfield in 1999 and currently run by Butterfield and Eric Costello, in which all the works are 5kb in size. The submissions are judged in multiple browsers by multiple judges for creativity as well as technical prowess.

Responding to a request by the organizers for volunteers and a new structure, SIGGRAPH was selected to run the competition as a volunteer-led, non-commercial event in conjunction with the annual conference.

"The original idea behind the 5k contest is one that celebrates the creativity resulting from seeking optimal solutions for the various aspects of web projects. Adding to these constraints the additional requirement that all the entry websites must be no more than 5 Kilobytes in size pushes us to create interesting and entertaining sites. "said Rhonda Schauer, the ACM SIGGRAPH Webmaster who initiated discussions between the 5k founders and SIGGRAPH. "When I thought of the ACM SIGGRAPH values of excellence and cross-disciplinary interaction and our strong interest in web graphics, and then examined the current needs of the 5k, I knew we shared a common vision."

Information on how to participate in the 2004 5k

"Currently, SIGGRAPH will not be making any changes to the contest because it works well to serve the needs of the web community," said Simon Allardice, SIGGRAPH 2004 Web Graphics Program chair from United Publishing. "Our goal is to provide an environment where the goals of the competition can be fulfilled: an exploration of what's possible with relatively little information; an opportunity to learn from everyone else's explorations (both in terms of technique and imagination); and recognition of some of the most talented designers, developers, and programmers around."

SIGGRAPH 2004 will bring the international computer graphics and interactive technology community from six continents to Los Angeles for the week-long conference, 8-12 August. A comprehensive technical program and special events focusing on research, art, animation, games, interactivity, and the web are planned. SIGGRAPH 2004 includes a three-day exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace from 10-12 August 2004.

The annual SIGGRAPH conference is sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH, the leading professional society for computer graphics and interactive techniques.


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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA