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Mobile Web
Wednesday, 11 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 501AB
Session Chair: Simon Allardice, Interface Technical Training

What Graphic Designers Should Know About the Mobile Web
The newest generation of mobile phones with color screens and more powerful CPUs enables display of highly graphics-oriented web sites. However, graphic designers working on mobile web sites are faced with a number of new issues. In future, web designers will be able to use W3C's multimodal interaction technologies, where speech and handwriting recognition will replace the keyboard as primary user-input device.

Max Froumentin
Philip Hoschka
Dean Jackson
World Wide Web Consortium

JSR-226: A Versatile API for Mobile SVG on J2ME
An API for rendering and manipulating SVG Tiny content with minimal programming on J2ME/MIDP devices. The API introduces scalable graphics to MIDP devices and defines a layered architecture for various applications of SVG Tiny (as a scalable image format, animation environment, XML language).

Tolga Capin
Nokia Research Center
tolga.capin (at)

Suresh Chitturi
Nokia Research Center

web graphics committee
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