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CyberFashion Show

Guerilla Studio Presents: The Third Annual SIGGRAPH CyberFashion Show
Wednesday, 11 August
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Petree Hall D

What will the future of high-tech body adornment look like? Where will the machine end and the flesh begin? We invite you to explore tomorrow, to glimpse a sneak preview of the future of fashion through today's cutting-edge projects, products, and prototypes.

Hosted once again by Psymbiote, the latex-clad cyborg zygote who educates, elucidates, and entertains as she parades models down the runway garbed in the latest functional tech gear and aesthetic cyber wear.

The show features a wide variety of wearable computers, head-mounted displays, smart clothes, luminous clothing and accessories, cyber-club wear, and CAD/CAM jewelry and bodywear. A number of innovative prototypes and some exciting world-premier technologies promise to propel us into future realms of body-technology integration.

More information will available here as the event draws close.

Images and links from CyberFashion 2002 and 2003

CyberFashion III is produced by:

  • isa gordon, artistic director of the Psymbiote Project, a creative cybernetics research collaboration that explores the cultural, theoretical, and practical applications of being cyborg, and founding member of SintheteX fashion design collective.

  • Alex Lightman, CEO of Charmed Technology, one of the first wearable-computing companies, author of Brave New Unwired World, and originator of the first-ever cyberfashion shows, which toured the world in 1999 and 2000.

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