SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Next-Generation Game Visuals
Thursday, 12 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm
West Hall B

The next generation of game hardware and real-time, per-pixel shading will make it possible to create more compelling interactive visuals then ever before. Dramatic improvements are on the horizon in high-resolution models and textures, soft subtle lighting, complex character animation, and amazing visual effects. Presenters from top game companies, including Habib Zargarpur ("Need to Speed Underground" and "007 Bond: Everything or Nothing") and Henry LaBounta ("SSX3") from Electronic Arts, show examples of what they are doing now to push the envelope and speak about their plans for creating the breathtaking games of tomorrow.

Henry LaBounta
Electronic Arts Canada
henryl (at)

Viktor Antonov
Valve Software

Nishii Ikuo
Robot Communications, Inc.

Habib Zargarpour
Electronic Arts Canada

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA