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"The Day After Tomorrow"
Thursday, 12 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
West Hall B
Chair: Juan Buhler, PDI/DreamWorks

Growing Up With Fluid Simulation on "The Day After Tomorrow"
Fluid simulation is a popular topic in the CG industry, and there are many considerations, pitfalls, and caveats to properly reap the benefits of physical simulation.

Jason Iversen
Digital Domain
jiversen (at)

Ryo Sakaguchi
Digital Domain
"The Day After Tomorrow" Twister Sequence Toolkit
This sequence required a pipeline that guaranteed that adjustments made "downstream" of the workflow would require little adjustment "upstream," and that the twister system could create a variety of looks

Jonah Hall
Digital Domain
jonah (at)
Procedural Building Destruction for "The Day After Tomorrow"
For "The Day After Tomorrow," a versatile procedural system was developed to handle fast building destruction, including breakup of geometry, triggering, and animation.

Jens Zalzala
Digital Domain
jens (at)
Building Crowds of Unique Characters
Constructing shots with hundreds or thousands of animated, deforming, realistically shaded characters poses unique challenges. This sketch discusses the steps involved and unique solutions in Digital Domain's crowd system.

Erick Miller
Digital Domain
erickmiller (at)

Spencer Alexander
David Blumenfeld
Darren Hendler
Dave Hodgins
David Prescott
Adam Sidwell
Leonardo Szew
Manny Wong
Digital Domain

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