SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Thursday, 12 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall C
Session Chair: Eric Haines, Autodesk, Inc.

CC Shadow Volumes
A method to accelerate shadow volumes by culling shadow casters that lie completely in shadow and clamping the volumes to just the regions occupied by shadow receivers.

Brandon Lloyd
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
blloyd (at)

Jeremy Wendt
Naga Govindaraju
Dinesh Manocha
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Practical Real-Time Hair Rendering and Shading
A real-time algorithm for hair rendering using a polygon model, which was used in the real-time animation "Ruby: The Double Cross," appearing in the SIGGRAPH 2004 Computer Animation Festival.

Thorsten Scheuermann
ATI Research
thorsten (at)
Real-Time Skin Rendering on Graphics Hardware
An algorithm that approximates the appearance of subsurface scattering by blurring the diffuse illumination in texture space using graphics hardware.

Pedro V. Sander
ATI Research
psander (at)

David Gosselin
Jason L. Mitchell
ATI Research
Displacement Mapping With Ray-Casting in Hardware
A new method for rendering displacement-mapped planes using per-pixel ray-casting in programmable graphics hardware.

Keith Yerex
University of Alberta
keith (at)

Martin Jagersand
University of Alberta

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA