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Fluids and Level Sets
Thursday, 12 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Petree Hall D
Session Chair: Juan Buhler, PDI/DreamWorks

Galilean Invariance for Fluid Simulation
A novel technique for implementing an adaptive grid for fluid simulation. The technique is largely based on the principle of Galilean Invariance.

Maurya Shah
USC Institute for Creative Technologies
mauryash (at)

Jonathan Cohen
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Penne Lee
Frederic Pighin
USC Institute for Creative Technologies
The practical realities of developing fire simulation software for visual effects.

Nafees Bin Zafar
Digital Domain
nafees (at)

Henrik Falt
Mir Zafar Ali
Chamberlain Fong
Digital Domain
Creating Animations of Fluids and Cloth With Moving Characters
A computer-simulation technique for creating animations, including fluids and cloth with moving characters.

Nobuhiro Kondoh
Toshiba Corporation
nobuhiro.kondoh (at)

Atsushi Kunimatsu
Toshiba Corporation

Shuuji Sasagawa
Toshiba Information Systems Corporation
RLE Sparse Level Sets
A novel scalable level-set representation, the RLE sparse level set, and its usefulness in representing traditionally animated polygon-based characters with both fidelity and robustness

Ben Houston
Frantic Films
ben (at)

Chris Batty
Mark Wiebe
Frantic Films

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