SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Beautiful Things
Thursday, 12 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Raquel Coelho, Tippett Studio

A New Style of Ancient Culture: Animated Chinese Dunhuang Murals
A fresh artistic form named "animated murals" is based on Chinese Dunhuang murals and Yunnan Zhongcai painting with a set of digital techniques. One result is fancy visual effects.

I-Fan Shen
Fudan University
yfshen (at)

Chen-Jia Li
Shanghai True-Color Multimedia Co.

Yi-Bo Zhu
Fudan University
The Electric Sheep Distributed Screen Saver
A distributed screen saver that harnesses idle computers into a render farm with the purpose of animating and evolving artificial life-forms.

Scott Draves
spot_siggraph (at)
All This Useless Beauty - A 200-Megapixel Panorama
A three-inch-tall, by 50-foot-long panoramic image created as a frame to capture everyday objects, places, and physical acts, and present them as art.

Anthony Santoro
Independent Artist
anthony (at)

Paul G. Kry
The University of British Columbia
Making Space for Time in Time-Lapse Photography
TimeMaps are a technique for simultaneously displaying multiple points in time for the same scene. Long-term and periodic trends are more apparent compared to existing techniques and traditional time-lapse renderings.

Michael Terry
Georgia Institute of Technology
mterry (at)

Gabriel J. Brostow
Diane Gromala
Grace Ou
Jaroslav Tyman
Georgia Institute of Technology

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