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Terrain & Maps
Monday, 9 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 511AB
Session Chair: André Gueziec, Triangle Software LLC

Inter-Frame Caching for High-Quality Terrain Rendering
Overview of how real-time terrain rendering methods were used to optimize render times in a photorealistic terrain rendering system used for visual effects in feature films.

Mårten Larsson
Digital Domain/Linköpings universitet
marten (at)

Doug Roble
Digital Domain

Magnus Wrenninge
Digital Domain
Robust Rendering of High-Resolution Terrain
Presentation of a robust terrain and planet renderer that has been used successfully in feature-film production, with efficient motion blur, high-resolution displacement, and a modular shading architecture.

Matt Fairclough
Planetside Software
matt (at)

Mårten Larsson
Digital Domain/Linköpings universitet

Magnus Wrenninge
Digital Domain
A Software for Reconstructing 3D Terrains From Scanned Maps
Process methodology and algorithms used in a free specialized software for creating digital elevation models from scanned color maps using different techniques.

Joachim Pouderoux
Joachim.Pouderoux (at)

Jean-Christophe Gonzato
Xavier Granier
Pascal Guitton
Visual Simulation of the Interaction Between Market Demand, Planning Rules, and City Form
A novel method for rapidly generating large 3D urban environments. This technique parametrically allocates and styles buildings in appropriate patterns but requires only general zoning and physical maps.

Michael Flaxman
Ritsumeikan University
mflaxman (at)

Yusuru Isoda
Keiji Yano
Ritsumeikan University

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