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Surface Modeling
Wednesday, 11 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 502A
Session Chair: Ming C. Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Functionally Optimized Subdivision Surfaces
Subdivision followed by optimization is a framework for efficiently constructing and optimizing smooth surfaces under various functionals. Significant speed-ups are obtained by using discrete approximations and direct vertex-move calculations.

Pushkar Joshi
University of California, Berkeley
ppj (at)

Carlo H. Séquin
Ryo Takahashi
University of California, Berkeley
Fair LVC Curves on Subdivision Surfaces
Embedded curves with linearly varying curvature (LVC) are fair, like geodesics, but they permit specification of their two end tangents. This sketch presents an efficient iterative hierarchical construction on subdivision surfaces.

Carlo H. Séquin
University of California, Berkeley
sequin (at)

Ling Xiao
University of California, Berkeley
Re-Usable Implicit Functions
Re-tooling the non-zero set about an implicit function allows for repeated application of implicit operations, dramatically broadening the modeling facility of implicit modeling.

Alyn Rockwood
Colorado School of Mines
alynrock (at)

Roman Tankelevich
Colorado School of Mines
Nice and Fast Implicit Surfaces Over Noisy Point Clouds
A new definition of implicit surfaces over noisy point clouds, based on moving least squares and proximity graphs, that can be evaluated quickly and produce high-quality surfaces.

Gabriel Zachmann
Universität Bonn
zach (at)

Jan Klein
Universität Paderborn

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