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Feasible Fluid, Foliage, and Fog
Wednesday, 11 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Ronen Barzel, Pixar Animation Studios

Practical Simulation of Surface Tension Flows
A production-tested method for incorporating surface tension effects into an existing 3D fluid solver. The method avoids the excessive time-step restriction normally associated with surface tension.

Jonathan M. Cohen
Rhythm & Hues Studios
jcohen (at)

M. Jeroen Molemaker
Rhythm & Hues Studios and University of California, Los Angeles
Image-Based Fluids
For "Shrek 2," image-based fluid simulation enabled more precise art direction to achieve realistic, believable fluid interaction between characters and their environments.

Lewis Kofsky
lkofsky (at)
Leveraging Third-Party Tools for Art-Driven Fluids & Foliage
For "Shrek 2," we combined Maya technologies for foliage and fluids with PDI/DreamWorks' in-house tools to create an improved feedback loop among art directors, modelers, and the final rendered imagery.

Francois Antoine
francois (at)

David Allen
Fast Solutions to Gas Volumetrics in "Matrix Revolutions"
In "Matrix Revolutions," a number of shots required volumetric effects of clouds and gases that could be flown through using limited rendering resources and RenderMan. This sketch presents the solutions.

John Gibson
Digital Domain (presenting for Tippett Studio)
jmgibson (at)

Davy Wentworth
Tippett Studio

sketches committee
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