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Creatures of "Van Helsing"
Tuesday, 10 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
West Hall A
Sesssion Chair: Darren Hendler, Digital Domain

Be-Heading a Vampire: Combining 2D and 3D Elements With On-Set Motion Capture to Create the Vampire Brides in "Van Helsing"
For "Van Helsing," ILM developed novel methods for capturing the motion of a performer during filming and combining this 3D motion with the filmed elements to create a single character.

Douglas Griffin
Industrial Light + Magic
dougg (at)

Jeff Saltzman
Jeff White
Kevin Wooley
Industrial Light + Magic
Jiggly Bits and Motion Retargeting: Bringing the Motion of Hyde to Life in "Van Helsing" With Dynamics
To achieve a high level of realism for the character Hyde in "Van Helsing," new tools were built to preserve dynamics with motion capture and add dynamics with flesh simulation.

Ryan Kautzman
Industrial Light + Magic
ryank (at)

Andy Buecker
Doug Griffin
Andrea Maiolo
Industrial Light + Magic
Posing as a Werewolf: The Creature Matchmove Tool Used for "Van Helsing"
A demonstration of Poseur, ILM's pose-based animation tool used for matching the live-action backgrounds on "Van Helsing" for extremely tight creature matchmoves.

Marla Newall
Industrial Light + Magic
marla (at)

Chris Monks
Cary Phillips
Nicolas Popravka
Jason Smith
James Tooley
Industrial Light + Magic
There's More Than One Way to Skin a Wolf: Wolf Transformations in "Van Helsing"
Techniques for the wolf/human transformation shots in "Van Helsing," including simulation of hair on tearing cloth and rendering thick fur and gory skin.

Ari Rapkin
Industrial Light + Magic
ari (at)

Nigel Sumner
Steve Aplin
Andrew Cawrse
Lee Fulton
Tony Pelle
Philip Peterson
Eric Wong
Industrial Light + Magic
Long Hair and Fur for "Van Helsing"
Production experience and techniques for placement, styling, simulation, and rendering of long hair and fur for digital monsters and doubles on "Van Helsing."

Zoran Kacic-Alesic
Industrial Light + Magic
zoran (at)

Tim Brakensiek
David Bullock
Carl Frederick
Lee Uren
Eric Wong
Industrial Light + Magic

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