SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Interactive Modeling
Wednesday, 11 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
West Hall A
Session Chair: Mark Pauly, Stanford University

An Intuitive Framework for Real-Time Freeform Modeling
Mario Botsch
Leif P. Kobbelt
RWTH Aachen
botsch (at)

Interactive Modeling of Topologically Complex Geometric Detail
Jianbo Peng
Daniel Kristjansson
Denis Zorin
New York University
jianbo (at)

Mesh Editing With Poisson-Based Gradient Field Manipulation
Yizhou Yu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
yyz (at)

Kun Zhou
Microsoft Research Asia

Dong Xu
Xiaohan Shi
Microsoft Research Asia/Zhejiang University

Hujun Bao
Zhejang University

Baining Guo
Heung-Yeung Shum
Microsoft Research Asia

Modeling by Example
Thomas Funkhouser
Michael Kazhdan
Philip Shilane
Princeton University
funk (at)

Patrick Min
Universiteit Utrecht

William Kiefer
Princeton University

Ayellet Tal
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Szymon Rusinkiewicz
David Dobkin
Princeton University

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA