SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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When Blobjects Rule the Earth
Monday, 9 August, 1:15 - 3:15 pm
West Hall B

Bruce Sterling, science fiction writer, speculates on what happens when graphic simulation conquers the world.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A model is worth a thousand pictures. What happens when there's no longer any practical difference between computer-generated models and physical, manufactured objects? Desktop fabrication is a lab curiosity -- so far -- but what happens to societies, markets, industries, and professions when you can push "print" and spit out a bicycle?

Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents the Computer Graphics Achievement Award to Hugues Hoppe, Microsoft Research; the Significant New Researcher Award to Zoran Popović, The University of Washington; and the Outstanding Service Award to Judith R. Brown, The University of Iowa (Retired); and Steve Cunningham, Oregon State University.

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA