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How To Apply For A Visa To Attend SIGGRAPH 2004

US Department of State Tips for US visas: Visitors - Business and Pleasure

If you are traveling to the United States for tourism or business for 90 days or less with a passport issued by one of the following countries, you may be eligible to visit the US without a visa:
The Netherlands
New Zealand
San Marino
United Kingdom
These countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program. Travelers from these countries cannot work or study while in the US and cannot stay longer than 90 days or change their status to another category. For complete and updated information on requirements for this program, please see Visa Waiver Program.

If you are traveling to the US with a passport issued by any other country, you must apply for a visa. Please read these procedures carefully:

1. To apply for a visa, you must have your own letter of invitation from SIGGRAPH 2004.

New ACM visa-invitation policy: You must register for SIGGRAPH 2004 before you can request or receive a letter of invitation.

Registration Information and Form

When you register for the conference from outside the United States, and your country DOES NOT participate in the Visa Waiver Program (see list above), SIGGRAPH 2004 will provide a letter of invitation. After you register online, the system can display your letter. Print the letter and present it to US consular officials when you apply for a visa. Or you can use your registration confirmation number to display and print your letter of invitation anytime:

Letter of Invitation Request Form

Please use that form if you register by fax or postal or courier service.

Please contact the SIGGRAPH 2004 International Chair if you have questions about the visa-invitation procedure. See paragraphs 2 and 3 below for further instructions.

2. After you receive the letter of invitation, call your local US Embassy or Consulate to arrange an interview. For information on the embassy or consulate closest to you, see Links to United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide. Recommendation: visit the embassy or consulate a month before you begin the visa process, to obtain literature, forms, etc.

3. When you go to the embassy or consulate for your interview, you will be asked to pay a nonrefundable application fee and submit:
  • Your letter of invitation to attend SIGGRAPH 2004.

  • A signed, completed application. The application form is available at all embassies and consulates for no charge.

  • A passport valid for travel to the US at least six months beyond your intended stay in the US.

  • Two photographs, 1.5 inches square (37 x 37 mm), showing your full face, without head covering, against a light background.
SIGGRAPH 2004 cannot assist you with the interview process, nor can anyone representing SIGGRAPH 2004 call the embassy or consulate on your behalf to provide support for granting a visa. As an applicant for a non-immigrant visa, you must convince the consular officer that you are:
  • Entering the US for pleasure.

  • That you plan to remain in the US for a specific, limited period.

  • That you have a residence outside the US as well as other binding ties (employment, family, home, bank account) that will ensure your return when you complete your visit to the US.

  • And that you have the funds to pay for your entire trip.
If you are denied a visitor visa, you may re-apply if there is new evidence to overcome the basis for the refusal. In the absence of new evidence, consular officers are not required to re-examine such cases.

Because application for a visa can be a lengthy process, SIGGRAPH 2004 recommends that you start your visa application process early: 90 to 120 days prior to the conference. If you have specific questions that are not covered here, please see US Department of State Visa Services or contact the SIGGRAPH 2004 International Chair.
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