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Chair's Prerogative Exhibit

A three-dimensional image presentation box that requires no equipment attached to the viewer. The key technique is motion parallax. When the drawer slides in and out, models are rendered according to the assumed viewpoint and the position of the drawer, which provides recognition of depth. You can also interact with the objects in the box by movement.

Life Enhancement
Dis-Tansu is a miniature garden. You can affect the garden by moving the drawers, which creates wind and waves. The waves make you feel the movement of drawers. As time goes by, the scenery changes. Dis-Tansu reveals the beauty of nature and implies that to everything there is a season, or that "the running river is eternal, but the water is never the same." (Kamo no Chomei, "Hojo-Ki," 1212).

With Dis-Tansu, you can demonstrate 3D models very easily. One possible application is a presentation system for science museums, so that anyone can interact with objects without instructions. In this application the physics or the time scale inside the box would be different from the current version.

The main goal is to display more realistic, more natural images. Future versions will be improved in three ways:

1. Passive detection of the user's viewpoint.
2. Utilizing more accurate, more complex rendering shaders.
3. Use of LCD monitors that can generate stereoscopic information without glasses.

The combination of motion parallax and interaction with velocity and acceleration inspired development of Dis-Tansu. To start an interaction, you naturally need to slide the drawer, and the feedback is not only the force but also the sense of depth. Furthermore, everyone knows how a drawer works, so there is no need for instructions.

Wednesday, 11 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 404ABB

Norimichi Idehara
Tama University
idehara (at)

Daisuke Kawai

Sawako Matumura
Sano Shinri
Yasuo Takada
Tama University

Masafumi Takahashi
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Yu Tanaka
Independent Programmer

Noriko Tokumitsu
Tama University

emerging technologies jury and committee
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