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Sound Flakes
Sound Flakes is interactive art for all ages. When faucets "Do, Re, Mi" are turned, sound drips into the water pool, where it floats as "flakes" of sound. Users can stir them or scoop them up with a ladle.

Life Enhancement
This artwork is a plaything for children. For adults, it is also a way to spend relaxed, inefficient time. For all ages, it generates smiling faces.

I hope that new computer-based tools can make people happy. This project uses art to promote happiness among people who use it. And it shows how artists can use new tools and concepts for joyful expression.

Sound Flakes could be exhibited in art museums or other public spaces, where it would create pleasant feelings associated with a slower rhythm of life, much like a fountain or a thoughtful sculpture.

The display provides a real feeling of touching an image, without touching any special equipment. Images from a motion-capture system are projected on the captured space at full size. Faucets, ladles, and a pool of water are combined to intermingle artificial feedback (floating images of flakes, MIDI sounds) and non-artificial feedback (tactile sensations, sound, and visual information from real water and toys). The furniture-like interface and simple toys make the systems accessible to everyone, without special training.

Wednesday, 11 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 404AB

Satoko Moroi
Tokyo Denki University

Ryoji Shibata
Tokyo Denki University

Makoto Yanagihara
Tokyo Denki University

emerging technologies jury and committee
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