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Last is an analogue clock that uses a live video feed to paint the clockface over time. Instead of displaying the current moment, Last shows a time buffer of one minute, one hour, and 12 hours in the trails of its hands. The clock displays the rhythm and history of the space.

Life Enhancement
By revealing the rhythm of our living space, providing a means of reflection on what has happened, or opening a channel between two remote places in the form of cross-streaming the system gives peers, friends, and family members a sense of presence of each other without using direct videoconferencing systems.

Last could develop into public-space installations or personal-communication channels between company headquarters, members of a family, or work groups. It attempts to enrich the space with its aesthetic as well as the information it transfers and stores.

Goals include creating a new way of representing time, leveraging our ability to read traditional clocks, and providing an extra layer of information in the form of the video feed. A central goal was also to create something aesthetically pleasing, interesting, and ever-changing without having to succumb to randomness. Finally, the project attempts to serve a real purpose by providing a display that lets us see an overview of the dynamics of a given space. For instance, in a busy train station, the system would clearly inform even newcomers when rush hours occur and the customary times for lunch breaks and opening hours.

Combining time slicing as a form of video processing to a commonly shared frame of reference that everyone can easily understand: the analogue clock.

Wednesday, 11 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 404AB

Jussi Angesleva
Media Lab Europe

Ross Cooper
Ross Cooper Studios

emerging technologies jury and committee
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