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HearWear: The Fashion of Environmental Noise Display
HearWear is an electronic wearable that reacts to urban noise with moving light patterns. It delivers a playful display of urban sounds and noise pollution to the wearer and all passersby.

Life Enhancement
Compared to public awareness of air and water pollution, awareness of noise pollution is relatively small. It is not that we do not suffer from loud passing noises (car horns, fire trucks, construction, etc.). We just do not seem to notice them in the everyday cityscape.

HearWear simply expresses the sound levels of the environment we pass through and lets us interact with the surrounding noises by transforming them to a visual wearable art display.

As a fashion accessory, HearWear connects people by sensing and displaying noise-pollution data. It enhances environmental awareness and advances unnoticeable integration of technology in day-to-day living.

It is true that fashion is a statement. With technology, fashion can be more expressive and informative. HearWear anticipates a future in which we use more discreet technology in everyday fashion.

To demonstrate how technology can move beyond gadgets to seamless integration with familiar everyday fashion accessories.

To remind us of noise pollution and stir a discussion about possible remedies for this environmental issue.

To experiment with a practical art form that moves around the city and reacts to the constant change of city sounds.

HearWear integrates a custom-engineered printed circuit board and software with existing hardware components.

The system interprets sound with light in an innovative way. A sound recognition module is driven by a micro-controller to perceive and qualify characteristics of noise patterns. The micro-controller is programmed to activate a number of LEDs and electro-luminescent wires.

The technology is modular and can be applied to any wearable item: jackets, bags, skirts, T-shirts, pants, belts, and other apparel and accessories.

Monday, 9 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 404AB

Younghui Kim
Missing Pixel/Absurdee

Milena Iossifova
Independent Artist

emerging technologies jury and committee
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