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3D Spatial Narrative:
"The Island of Misfit Toys"

3D Spatial Narrative combines "bullet-time" technology and a unique interactive display mechanism to tell an original story in six "frozen moments."

Life Enhancement
3D Spatial Narrative is a unique way to experience forms and explore virtual spaces. Because interaction is intuitive, users can easily experience the form or narrative displayed. It also shares the goals of interactive cinema (entertainment, exploration, and enlightenment), and it incorporates uniquely intimate and physical modes of interaction.

3D Spatial Narrative is a delivery mechanism for any possible content that involves form or space. For example, it could be used to create educational experiences in museums or narrative experiences for retail environments.

To create a seamless interactive narrative.

To push "bullet time" beyond its current application.

To create a delivery mechanism for illusionary display of three-dimensional forms and spatial environments.

The technology behind the idea is very simple. It uses a potentiometer (just like the volume knob on a stereo) mounted on the axis of a vertical steel pole. The potentiometer works by resisting current sent from an external source. The amount of resistance is determined by the degree of rotation on the shaft. This resistance is converted into an eight-bit number that corresponds not only to the degree of rotation on the shaft, but also to a specific frame of animation within the bullet-time moment.

A few existing projects, such as Dan O'Sullivan's Panoramic Narrative, use the same core technologies, but Spatial Narrative is the first to use bullet-time technology to allow a user to move around a form or space. It is also the first to create a system of visual relationships between "frozen moments" to form a narrative.

Monday, 9 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 404AB

Matthew Mohr
Parsons School of Design

emerging technologies jury and committee
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