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SeaMaven: A Web-Based Virtual Learning Environment
Thursday, 9:45 - 10 am
Room 502B

SeaMaven is a web-based application that enables middle-school science students to actively engage in collaborative learning in the environmental sciences. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography are partnering on this program to provide students with access to a real-time observational network of platform-based sensors for monitoring oceanographic and meteorological processes. The sensor packages are mounted on eight large offshore platforms located near the edge of the continental shelf approximately 60 miles off the coast of Georgia. This system currently serves as an important resource for marine scientists, weather forecasters, and fisheries-resource managers by providing information on cross-shelf nutrient exchange, storm effects, and atmospheric transport. SeaMaven is being developed as a portal through which students can become amateur scientists in their own right, recording measurements, comparing data, and generating hypotheses based on their observations.

Jim Demmers
Georgia Institute of Technology
jim.demmers (at)

Steve Guynup
Georgia Institute of Technology

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