SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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The Pipeline Project: A Holistic Approach to Teaching Multimedia
Wednesday, 11:30 am - noon
Room 502B

The multimedia industry has embraced the integration of computer software packages. The industry recognizes that better integration and compatibility of software and hardware will produce better end results and improve workflow. In fact, many of the major software developers are now introducing suites of products.

Surely, educational establishments should follow suit and develop courses in which differing but complementary subject areas (modules) are integrated.

The main area of development at Leeds Metropolitan University has been to allow students to clearly see the aims and objectives of each module but within a more global project. Not only has this holistic approach benefited the students, it has also allowed staff to develop material that extends across modules, allows for team teaching, and integrates the lecture program. This logical approach to project work echoes the skills required in the multimedia industry.

Duncan Folley
Leeds Metropolitan University
d.folley (at)

Simon Thomson
Stephen Parker
Nick Cope
Leeds Metropolitan University

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