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A Novel Way to Study Muscle Anatomy of the Beef Animal
Thursday, 10 - 10:15 am
Room 502B

In academic and industrial settings, it is difficult to teach the anatomy of a beef animal, because instruction requires a beef carcass fabricated into wholesale and retail cuts or dissection of individual muscles. This could only happen in a laboratory, and substantial cost would be incurred for each lab session. Books or manuals can assist somewhat but these are only two-dimensional, so it is difficult to understand some of the spatial relationships between muscles. It is now possible to use a web site ( as a resource for the muscular anatomy of the beef animal. The site helps users understand bovine muscular and skeletal anatomy through interactive 3D and 2D graphics simulations, pictures, drawings, and navigation through a series of well-defined information modules.

Vishal Singh
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ashu Guru
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bucky L. Gwartney
National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Steven J. Jones
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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