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Designing the New Memory Space for Cultural Heritage
Thursday, 10:15 - 10:30 am
Room 511AB

In the representation of tangible cultural objects, there is a surrounding, intangible layer that reflects the cultural context. Without particular attention to this level, any effort to exhibit these objects lacks the peculiar human dimension that is woven together with them. Interface design methods need to be developed around this key concept to provide sound intercultural learning experiences to wide audiences.

First, these methods should be used to analyze the cultural context, and then the cognitive process in the original usage mode needs to be revealed. Afterwards, a design synthesis that considers these background factors should be followed to demonstrate the life around the object via the object itself. Interface design classes with this cultural focus would also help future professionals in the field gain a wider perspective with a deeper understanding of the implications of their design on inter-cultural communications.

Ayhan Aytes
Istanbul Bilgi University
aytesay (at)

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