SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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Hands-On Courses

If you want to participate in hands-on courses, you should bring your laptop computer equipped with wireless card to hands-on courses. A limited quantity of laptops is also available from AVW-TELAV, the official SIGGRAPH 2004 computer-rental contractor, at the Speaker Preparation area in West Hall A. The rental fee is $99 per day, and charge approval on a valid credit card is required as a deposit. Rental laptops include Windows and Office XP. Hands-On Course software can be installed in the Speaker Prep area. Computer rentals are available only through AVW-TELAV, not SIGGRAPH 2004.

Use the links below to access software required in hands-on courses.

Course 29: An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
Downloads: Course 29 tutorials and source code are available from the course organizer's web site.

System requirements: Items that MUST be installed before attending the course:

  • Windows: base operating system only (Windows PC running Windows 95 or higher)
  • Linux: either Mesa, or proprietary OpenGL drivers from the hardware vendor. (Intel-based system running Linux.)
Course attendees should have access to: A web browser for distribution of software that will be provided when the course begins.

Other software that is recommended for the course: PDF reader for review of tutorial material.

Course 30: Visualizing Geospatial Data
Software Requirements:
The following software is required for hands-on participation in this course. These files MUST be installed before you attend the course:
  • A Quicktime Movie plug-in for your web browser is required for viewing some online content. Download Apple Computer's free Quicktime Movie plug-in here.
  • A VRML plug-in for your web browser is required for viewing some online content. Downlad Parallel Graphics' free VRML plug-in, Cortona VRML Client, here.
  • Other software recommended for this course:
    Java plug-in for browsers (1.3 or better).
    PDF reader for review of tutorial material.
Hands-on course rooms include tables, power strips, and wireless network access.

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Course Evaluation
All course attendees are encouraged to evaluate SIGGRAPH 2004 Courses content and presenters.

Online Evaluation Forms

Your ratings and comments are very important. They will be used to ensure that the annual SIGGRAPH conference consistently offers excellent courses on topics that are important to the SIGGRAPH community.
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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA