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12. Art-Directed Technology: Anatomy of a "Shrek 2" Sequence
Monday, Half Day, 8:30 am - 12:15 pm
West Hall B
Level: Beginning

New insights into art-directed animation technology and the evolution of a sequence during the production process. This course follows the development of a sequence and introduces recent innovations in pipeline process technology, with an emphasis on how to improve the balance of cinematic goals with production needs. Presenters share the details behind increasing the richness and sophistication of imagery to meet the creative vision and needs of the story.

The course focuses on three key aspects of the art-directed production process:

1. Using story, art, and cimematic goals to tie together and drive the production process.

2. Pushing the technology envelope for better control over stylized realism.

3. Creating a less CG-like experience with art-directed approaches to extensive use of global illumination, among other techniques.

Specifically, the course explains several recent advances in setting up a shot, creation of many complex hair styles, and how to think about and approach blocking, lip sync, smushing of fur, and other aspects of production.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Basic understanding of the terminology and principles of computer graphics and 3D animation is helpful but not required.

Intended Audience
Animators, artists, and other attendees who are interested in the technical aspects of production of 3D-animated features and who have a basic understanding of the concepts behind computer-generated animation.

Rachel Falk
Harry Max

Guillaume Aretos
Kelly Asbury
Ken Bielenberg
Tim Cheung
Michael Day
Arnauld Lamorlette
Lucia Modesto
Janet Rentel-Lavin
Bob Whitehill

8:30 Introduction and The Big Picture
Falk and Minter
9 Story/Editorial
9:15 Art/Visual Development
9:35 Character Technical Direction
10:05 Questions
2:45 Stage Directions: Together Apart Together
Finnegan and Hoshor
10:15 Break
10:25 Special Effects
11:05 Into Production, Modeling/Surfacing RF/DM, Clothing/Character Effects, (Finaling) RF/DM
Falk and Minter
11:20 Layout
11:40 Motion Animation
noon Lighting
12:20 Questions

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Conference 8-12 August, Exhibition 10-12 August.  In Los Angeles, CA