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Electronic Theater
Hall K Monday, 9 August 7 - 9 pm
  Tuesday, 10 August 1:30 - 3:30 pm, 7 - 9 pm
  Wednesday, 11 August 1:30 - 3:30 pm, 7 - 9 pm

Electronic Theater Tickets
One ticket is included with each Full Conference and Conference Select registration. Every attempt is made to accommodate your requested Electronic Theater show. If you want to exchange your ticket, go to the Ticket Sales and Exchange Booth. Tickets are not available for every show.

Badged attendees may purchase up to two additional Electronic Theater tickets (subject to availability) at On-site Registration beginning at 6 pm Saturday, 7 August. Additional tickets cost $50. Last-minute tickets are generally available. They will be sold at the door to the Electronic Theater one hour prior to show time. All sales are final.

All Electronic Theater performances contain the same material.

SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Theater
Annie & Boo
Director: Johannes Weiland
Contact: Thomas Haegele
animationsinstitut (at)

Director: Alceu Baptistão
Contact: Alberto Lopes
Vetor Zero
alberto (at)

Attack of the Note Sheep
Director and Contact: Jessica Scott
Texas A&M University
jess (at)

Bad Boys II
Director: Michael Bay
Contact: Jerome Schmitz
Sony Pictures Imageworks
jschmitz (at)

BBC2 Big Read Bookworms
Director: Stefan Marjoram
Contact: Sarah Hodson
Aardman Animations
sarah.hodson (at)

Birthday Boy
Director: Sejong Park
Contact: Ruth Saunders
Australian Film, Television and Radio School
ruths (at)

Bob and Sam: Episode 1
Director: Jason Guerrero
Contact: Jane Hurd
Hurd Studios
jhurd (at)

Director: Bud Luckey
Contact: Tom Sarris
Pixar Animation Studios
tsarris (at)

Cortex Academy
Director and Contact: Frédéric Mayer
ciboulot (at)

The Day After Tomorrow
Contact: Joanna Capitano
jcapitan (at)

The Edge of History
Director and Contact: Michael Starobin
michael.starobin (at)

El Desván
Director and Contact: José Corral
jc (at)

Director and Contact: Taruto Fuyama
fuyan (at)

Go To Sleep
Director: Alex Rutterford
Contact: Stephen Venning
The Mill
stephenv (at)

Gratuitous Goop
Director and Contact: James F. O'Brien
University of California, Berkeley
job (at)

Innocence: Ghost in the Shell (Festival)
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Contact: Maki Terashima-Furuta
Production I.G., LLC
maki (at)

The Lord of the Rings:
"The Return of the King"

Director: Peter Jackson
Contact: Eileen Moran
Weta Digital
publicity (at)
Making of The Superpunch
Directors: Larry and Andy Wachowski
Contact: George Borshukov
ESC Entertainment
gdborshukov (at)

Nike "Gamebreakers"
Director: David Fincher
Contact: Matt Winkel
Digital Domain
mwinkel (at)

Onimusha 3
Director: Takashi Yamazaki
Contact: Ikuo Nishii
ROBOT Communications Inc.
nishii (at)

Output-Sensitive Collision Processing
for Reduced-Coordinate
Deformable Models

Director and Contact: Doug L. James
Carnegie Mellon University
djames (at)

Directors: F. Blondeau, T. Deloof, J. Droulers, C. Stampe
Contact: César Volaire
david (at)

The Parthenon
Director and Contact: Paul Debevec
USC Institute for Creative Technology
debevec (at)

Director and Contact: Shim, Beom Sik
shim (at)

The Polar Express
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Contact: Jerome Schmitz
Sony Pictures Imageworks
jschmitz (at)

Rock the World
Director and Contact: Sukwon Shin
School of Visual Art
123van (at)

Director: Tim Miller
Contact: Jamie Breuer
Artisans PR
jbreuer (at)

Director: Chris Landreth
Contact: Hélène Tanguay
National Film Board of Canada
h.tanguay (at)

Shrek 2
Directors: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon
Contact: Amy Krider
amyk (at)

ILM Research & Development

Directors: Steve Sullivan & Brent Bowers
Contact: Kate Shaw
Industrial Light & Magic/Lucas Digital Ltd.
kateshaw (at)

Spider-Man 2
Director: Sam Raimi
Contact: Jerome Schmitz
Sony Pictures Imageworks
jschmitz (at)

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