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  Frequently Asked Questions

I will not have my work finished by the submission deadline. Is it possible to submit a teaser or a trailer/promo piece as a placeholder until the actual footage is complete?
No, the jury specifically reviews the quality of the work that is submitted. The work done in a trailer or promo piece may be submitted on its own merit, but it cannot be submitted as a placeholder for other materials.

May I submit my unfinished work as a "work in progress" if it is not complete by the submission deadline?
A work in progress may be submitted if it represents at least 80 percent of the final version. If the soundtrack is not complete, the jury requests the addition of a temporary soundtrack. The "Notes to the Jury" section of the online submission form gives you an opportunity to explain how the final piece will differ from the submitted piece.

We are an art school hoping to send in several pieces of student work. We had planned to include four or five student pieces on one reel, as one entry from our school. Is that OK?
No, students must submit separate NTSC VHS or BetaSP videotapes or region-free DVDs and separate completed and signed submission forms. Each piece is judged on its own merit, and often pieces are viewed multiple times. We can only effectively track and review individual submissions, so: one submission, one valid online submission number, and one project per videotape.

Can group or collaborative projects be submitted?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, collaborative and group projects are encouraged, but only one project may be submitted per videotape and completed online submission form.

What criteria does the jury use to select pieces for the Computer Animation Festival? How do you decide if a piece is selected for the Electronic Theater or the Animation Theaters?
All submissions are juried together and based on identical selection criteria: content, technical implementation, innovation, artistic achievement, production values, creativity, originality, narrative, design, entertainment value, and advancement of visualization in the artistic and scientific fields of digital technologies. Entries representing both technical excellence and innovation are more likely to be shown in the Electronic Theater, while entries representing either technical excellence or innovation will be shown in the Animation Theaters.

Can you tell me if there is a time limit or general suggested length that will help my submission's chances for acceptance in the Electronic Theater?
There is no fixed or ideal time limit for submitted projects. Ultimately, technical excellence and innovation are the deciding factors. Sometimes, the jury asks submitters of longer pieces to edit for time or create a trailer for the Electronic Theater and recommends showing the entire piece in an Animation Theater.

Because the Electronic Theater has a fixed run time, shorter pieces (up to three minutes) do have an advantage. If your work is longer, it needs to be that much better as well. Exceptional work will not be rejected because of its duration. Please note that for the jury review, submitters of pieces that are longer then five minutes are asked to indicate by timecode a shorter selection that they want to make sure the jury will view. This is an attempt to control the total time required to complete jury review.

If there is editing to be done, we would prefer that it be done pre-submission and by the submitters in order to maintain the most artistic integrity possible. However, if you are willing to edit your submission as part of acceptance, please indicate that on the online submission form.

I am unable to include timecode on the VHS dub of my submission. Will you still accept it for jury review?
The master from which the VHS was dubbed has a timecode. You must use the information from the master to include the timecode number on your submission form. This will ensure that your submission will be eligible, and the jury will review your piece.

The Computer Animation Festival submission guidelines say only NTSC VHS or BetaSP videotape or region-free DVD formats will be accepted for jury review. Does Beta include Digital Beta?
No, for the jury review, we require NTSC VHS or BetaSP videotape or region-free DVD only. We will not be able to review Digital Beta at the jury meeting.

Are you accepting S-VHS or just standard VHS?
Standard VHS.

Can I submit a digital file instead of a video?
No, the jury will view only NTSC VHS or BetaSP videotape or region-free DVD formats.

Will SIGGRAPH 2004 have the capability to show digital files in the Animation Theaters or the Electronic Theater?
Possibly. If your work is accepted, we will discuss the display options at that time. However, digital files will not be viewed at the jury review.

"Affiliation" is a required field on the Computer Animation Festival Acceptance Agreement, but I am not associated with any organization or school. What do I do?
You may use "Self" to indicate you are independent. There is no requirement that you be associated with an organization or school.

Are there advantages or disadvantages in categorizing my project as an animation or architecture, etc.?
No, the categories are for the jury review process only. You should submit your piece in the category that most closely describes your work. The jury is comprised of experts in various fields, so you will want the correct experts to jury your work. Please do not submit the same piece in more then one category using different online submission numbers.

How do I get tickets for the Electronic Theater and the Animation Theaters?
Electronic Theater tickets are included with Full Conference and Conference Select registrations. and you may purchase tickets to the Electronic Theater at a cost of $50 per ticket. See Registration for complete information on registration and Electronic Theater ticket options.

What kind of feedback can I expect to receive about my submission?
Each year, we receive an incredibly large number of submissions to the Computer Animation Festival. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints created by these submission volumes, it is impossible for us to respond with any project-specific critiques or suggestions in our responses.

I don't understand how to pack my videotape for shipping. What is a "fiber or pulp-padded mailer," and why are they not accepted?
Some inexpensive padded envelopes are stuffed with paper-based, fibrous stuffing that creates dust when ripped. This dust can damage both your tape and our playback deck. When in doubt, use bubble wrap in a plain envelope.

I would like to submit a Flash animation to SIGGRAPH 2004. Will you accept my animation on a CD?
No. For jury review, your animation sequence must be on NTSC VHS or BetaSP videotape or region-free DVD. If your submission is accepted, you will receive details about acceptable formats for submission of your final animation.

Is there any kind of submission fee to enter the Computer Animation Festival?
No, there is no fee to enter.

Can there be live-action footage mixed with the computer-generated portion?
Yes, a combination of animation/fx and live-action is permitted. However, the computer-generated portion of the piece is what will be judged, so please do not include superfluous live-action footage.

My animation is a 2D computer process, not a 3D animation; can this be submitted?
There is no requirement that the piece must be 3D. Innovative 2D computer graphics works are eligible as well.

Do I need to set up a username and password for each submission?
No. You must complete a separate online submission form for each entry, so that each individual entry has its own unique Computer Animation Festival submission ID number. That number must be included on the label for the entry's tape or DVD. Certain very short collective pieces, such as interstitials, may be submitted together to be judged as a whole.

My email address will be changing soon. How can I notify you of the update?
When you have a new email address, please email the Computer Animation Festival Chair and include your old email address and submission ID number(s).

I've completed the online submission forms, but it still allows me to edit my account. Am I done?
Yes, however you are allowed to edit your online submission account until the deadline of 3 March, 5 pm Pacific time.

I'm having trouble uploading the high-resolution digital image required for the online submission. What should I do?
If, due to bandwidth restrictions, you cannot upload a high-resolution image, please instead upload a lower resolution one. Be sure to still include a high-resolution version for publication stills on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM as specified in the Submission Procedure Checklist.

I'm a student submitting a piece, and noticed that you also have the SPACE competition. Should I submit to that instead?
The SIGGRAPH 2004 committee encourages students to submit to both the Computer Animation Festival and SPACE. Both programs are juried separately, and works may be selected by both programs.
3 March 2004, 5pm Pacific Time.
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