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[Registration Requirement]

SIGGRAPH 2003 will provide complimentary registration packages for a fixed number of contributors per accepted submission as a way of saying thanks to our contributors. The registration packages include:

  • Full conference access
  • SIGGRAPH 2003 publication material
  • Electronic Theater ticket

In order to register a contributor for SIGGRAPH 2003, we need to know:

  1. Whether or not the contributor is a SIGGRAPH member.
  2. What the contributor's SIGGRAPH Member Number is, if applicable.
  3. When would the contributor prefer to attend the Electronic Theater?

For each person you would like to register from your presentation, please fill out the information in the table below. Please fill out a slot for each person you would like to register whether or not they have a SIGGRAPH member number.

Online ID:

Name SIGGRAPH Member Member Number Electronic Theater Time


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