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[Full Conference DVD-ROM]

Video Preparation and Submission Information

Congratulations on your acceptance to the ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Proceedings. There have been some changes since last year, so please read this section carefully. This is the process for submitting your paperwork and deadlines that you should follow in order for your video to appear in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Full Conference DVD-ROM. Please note the required label information for your tape.

Authors of papers accepted to the annual conference who wish to include any supplemental material, including video, must also complete the Supplemental Material addendum to the ACM Copyright Form. The completed form must be faxed to Stephen Spencer at +1.206.543.2969.

REQUIRED: Information Label
Please put the following information on a label placed on your video submission.

  • Title (must be the same title as the paper)
  • Author name (primary contact)
  • Paper submission ID number
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Length of video (beginning at title slide, in minutes:seconds)
  • Audio, No Audio
Online Submission: 21 April 2003
Physical Submission: 22 April 2003

Submit your video footage online on or before 21 April 2003, or submit via mail or courier service to arrive no later than 22 April 2003. If your video arrives after these deadlines, it will not appear on the SIGGRAPH 2003 Full Conference DVD-ROM. These are firm deadlines.

Videos can be received in the following formats (in order of preference), NTSC only.
  • Mini-DV, DVC-Pro, BetaCam-SP, Hi-8mm, D8
  • Digital files must be submitted in QuickTime (Sorenson or Animation Codecs) or uncompressed AVI format.
  • All tape submissions must use SP tape speed. Tapes with tape speeds of EP, LP, and SLP will NOT be accepted.
  • Do not send MPEG video. All video clips are edited on a nonlinear edit system prior to MPEG encoding for DVD.
The time allotted for each video is limited to FIVE (5) minutes. This includes your titles and credits. If your video is longer than five minutes, it may be edited down to this duration without your permission and at our discretion.

Please put 30 seconds of color bars at the front of your video, and if your video includes audio, please put a 0 dB 1 kHz tone with the color bars. (Bars and tone are not required if you are submitting your video in QuickTime or AVI formats.)

Your title slide should contain the title of your paper, authors¹ names, and affiliations.

Audio with your video is encouraged, but if you add any background music, be sure that it is either in the public domain or that you have rights to use the music. When adding a voice-over, make sure that you are recording the narrator in a closed and quiet room; this helps eliminate excess noise.

Submission of Work
1. Make your QuickTime or AVI files available on your web or FTP site, and send email to Jessica Hodgins at with the location, the name of the material, and the information label text.


2. Submit your QuickTime or AVI files online through the SIGGRAPH 2003 Online Submission System. Please put the information label text in the bboard post, and upload the video through the bboard system.

Please send your video submissions (tape or CD-R) to:

Jessica Hodgins
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3890 USA

Your Copyright
We will remove your copyright notice and place an ACM copyright on the DVD-ROM proceedings as a whole. This will allow you to retain the copyright that you may already hold with your individual video.

Even though the DVD-ROM proceedings is a supplement to the printed proceedings, in practice the paper and the video should each stand on their own. Adding a voice-over that explains what the viewer is seeing helps the video to stand on its own.

Try to achieve the same high standards that you applied in the writing of your paper to the production of your video. This includes good professional quality video with clean and clear audio.

Thank you for contributing your videotape. If you have questions concerning the format of your tape submission, please contact:

Jessica Hodgins
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3890 USA


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