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[Movies in Presentations]

To ensure that you have a successful presentation, please check the following items to be certain your movies will play on the SIGGRAPH 2003 computers. These tips were written for PowerPoint users, but the issues (files, folders, and CODECS) are common to most presentation software.

Files and Folders
Make sure you bring all files associated with your PowerPoint presentation. (If you have movies that play in your presentation, you must copy each individual movie file onto your presentation disc.)

Make sure your PowerPoint presentation and your movies are in the SAME folder. If you put videos in subfolders, they will not play. (If you have already done this, we can fix it in the Speaker Prep Room.)

If you are using special fonts, please make sure to bring them along, also.

If you used a special CODEC to create video compression, you must bring this CODEC program with you so we can install it on our presentation computer. If you are unsure about your CODEC, try your presentation on a computer other than one you use every day. Try one in another office or at a friend's house. If you know the person who created the video, call and ask if there are any CODEC issues.

We Can Help
If you are unsure about which CODEC your movie requires, you can email a sample of one of your movies to the SIGGRAPH 2003 Speaker Prep Staff. We will test it and let you know if there are any issues. Send your questions or concerns to us at:

Thank you for your attention to these details. By addressing them prior to the conference, we can avoid a presentation crisis.


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