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[Presenter Recognition]

Each accepted Emerging Technologies project receives up to four Conference Access registrations. Each registration includes: access to all programs, one reception ticket, one Electronic Theater ticket, and one Full Conference DVD. All requests for changes in your project team and your complimentary registrations must come from the original primary contact person designated in the online submission form.

Emerging Technologies presenters do not receive travel and/or accommodation. Please see Travel and Housing for information on booking hotels for SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego. The online hotel reservation system opens 1 March 2003.

Presenters in multiple programs receive the highest-value recognition for which they are eligible. For example, a presenter accepted by Papers and Emerging Technologies receives one Full Conference registration, one reception ticket, one Electronic Theater Ticket, and the following publications: one Conference Proceedings, one Electronic Art & Animation Catalog, and one Full Conference DVD-ROM

Registration Requirement Form
The Registration Requirement Form is used to register the presenters you selected to receive registration for SIGGRAPH 2003. Presenters listed in the Registration Requirement Form will receive registration confirmation via email in mid-March and will receive a confirmation package via postal service in June.


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