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[Presenter Information Form]

Please take the time to read and fill out, as accurately as possible, all the requested information. If you are not sure or need help, please fill out the information you do know, then check the "help box" at the end of each section. Someone will contact you to discuss your concerns. SIGGRAPH 2003 uses this Presenter Information Form to do all the final planning for Emerging Technologies. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Contact Information

Presenter Name:
Online ID:

All Equipment that You Are Supplying

In order to assist the planning process, please provide a complete list of all equipment that you will be bringing to SIGGRAPH 2003. This list should include any audio/video equipment, computers, props, and other equipment that you will be bringing to complete your area:

Equipment Rentals

As a presenter, you are responsible for providing your own audio/video and computer equipment. If you need to rent equipment from SIGGRAPH 2003, you must fill out the required rental forms from the official SIGGRAPH 2003 contractors, and return the forms to your program chair or coordinator.

Please list all equipment that you will need to rent:

Audio Equipment:

Please submit the AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Form by 1 July in order to receive a discounted rate.
Video Equipment:

Please submit the AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Form by 1 July in order to receive a discounted rate.
Computer Equipment:

Please submit the Rentsys Computer Rental Form by 1 July in order to receive a discounted rate.

Lighting Requirements

Emerging Technologies will be lit throughout. However, some displays may require additional lighting or a darker environment. Please indicate below any specific lighting needs that SIGGRAPH 2003 will need to supply for your display other than general lighting:

Additional lighting required
Additional darkness required
No lighting requirements
My exhibit PRODUCES light
Please explain, if necessary:
Please contact me for lighting requirements.

Sound Requirements

SIGGRAPH 2003 will place all displays that produce moderate sound levels away from those that prefer a quiet environment. In order to facilitate this space planning, please indicate your preference concerning the sound levels around your display.

Quiet area
No preference
My exhibit PRODUCES sound

Rigging Requirements

If your display required suspended equipment, a floor-supported truss structure or an independent flown structure will be provided by SIGGRAPH 2003. Please list all equipment that must be suspended over your area and include dimensions, weight, and the minimum and maximum suspended height above the floor.

Important Notes:

  1. The ceiling height is 23 feet or seven meters.
  2. If you are providing equipment or using donated equipment that must be suspended above your area, it is highly recommended that you provide appropriate hanging brackets to suspend your equipment.
  3. If any specialized custom brackets or hardware must be provided for your equipment, an additional charge may be incurred at your expense.

Networking / Data Service Needs

SIGGRAPH 2003 provides network connections to presenters who require internet or networking capabilities that are essential to presentation or setup of their installations. If you want internet access for just email or web surfing, please check the "NONE" box; the conference will provide internet kiosks and wireless internet access throughout the convention center.

Total number of devices that will be connected to the network:
Total number of dedicated IP addresses required:
I will require IP multi-casting (for example, MBONE connection)
My installation uses wireless networking for its operation. Please contact me to coordinate channel assignments.
I will be supplying my own hub or switch
I will need to rent a hub or switch (available through Rentsys Computer Rental)
I will need to rent ISDN services (Not available through SIGGRAPH 2003 services)
Additional networking needs or questions:

Decorating and Furniture

If you require furniture, it will be provided by SIGGRAPH 2003, but you must request furniture in advance. Tables, chairs, etc. will be provided as requested and approved, BUT YOU MUST FORWARD YOUR REQUEST IN ADVANCE TO INSURE ITS AVAILABILITY AT SIGGRAPH 2003.

No furniture required
Tables: quantity skirted sides
30" table height
4' x 24" x 30"h
6' x 24" x 30"h
8' x 24" x 30"h
42" counter height
4' x 24" x 42"h
6' x 24" x 42"h
8' x 24" x 42"h
Chairs: Chairs must be contained within your display area. Choices are as follows:
Arm chair
Side chair
Padded stool
Special Requests:

Electrical Service Required

Electrical service will be provided by SIGGRAPH 2003. Please indicate below your power needs for your area so the proper electrical service can be ordered and processed. If you are not sure or need assistance, please check the "Help box".

Important Note: SIGGRAPH 2003's electrical contractor does not typically provide electrical transformers to accommodate the voltage differences that may be required for European equipment. If you are bringing such equipment, please be prepared to provide the proper transformers required to run your equipment.

120-volt service (60 cycle - US standard voltage)
watt service amps number of circuits
0-500 5
501-1000 10
1001-1500 15
1501-2000 20
208-volt service (60 cycle - US standard voltage)
amps service number of circuits phase
5 /
10 /
15 /
20 /
30 /
60 /
100 /
Extras quantity
extension cords 15'
extension cords 25'
multi-outlet strip (power-strip)
Special Electrical considerations for your set-up:

The Display

Set Up Date and Time Desired:

Emerging Technologies opens on Sunday, 27 July; the area will be available for presenters to start setting up their installations on the morning of Thursday, 24 July. Please indicate the day you intend to start your installation, so that we can ensure that your area is prepared prior to your arrival.

  AM  PM
Estimated amount of setup time:   (Hours)
Special Considerations for set-up:

Installation Layout

The information provided in this form will be used in conjunction with your originally submitted layout schematic. These two items are vital in the planning of your area

Special Considerations for Layout:



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