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[Full Day Course - Presenter Benefit Form]

Thank you for contributing to SIGGRAPH 2003!

Your course has been accepted to the SIGGRAPH 2003 Courses program, pending the following conditions:

  • Camera-ready course notes are delivered by 14 April 2003.

  • We strongly encourage presentation material to be in digital media. All courses will have to pay for production of their slides. AVW-TELAV will handle pre-conference slide production.

  • Full day courses receive registration for four course presenters and travel for fourcourse presenters. Travel includes airfare and two nights lodging. Please check the appropriate boxes for yourself and each course presenter.
  • *Note: It is not necessary to give registration and travel to the same four presenters. For example; if you have six speakers on a course, two of whom have registration through another SIGGRAPH program, you may choose to only provide them with travel support, leaving the registrations for the remaining four presenters, and vice versa.

Name of Speaker Registration* Air Fare Lodging None

Online ID:
Course Title:

Please be sure to submit the Registration Requirement form.


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