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[Course Presenter Expense Policy]
Travel Approval
Course organizers must complete and return the Courses Acceptance Agreement to the Courses Chair in order for their course presenters to receive travel authorization to the SIGGRAPH conference. Full-day courses receive travel for four (4) course presenters, half-day courses receive travel for two (2) course presenters, and tutorials receive travel for one (1) course presenter. For full-day courses, travel includes two nights lodging and airfare/automobile travel. For half-day courses and tutorials, travel includes one night lodging and airfare/automobile travel.
To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses related to your presentation at SIGGRAPH 2003, you must submit a Course Presenter Expense Report within 90 days of completing travel. Please download the report, complete it, and send it or fax it to:

SIGGRAPH 2003 Courses
5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA
+1.719.599.3075 fax

You are responsible for making your own travel and hotel arrangements. SIGGRAPH 2003 will reimburse travel expenses in accordance with the SIGGRAPH Courses Travel Policies on this page and as outlined in the individual Course Acceptance agreements.

Air Travel
Reimbursement for air travel within the United States is limited to $600. For travel between any other country and the United States, reimbursement is limited to $1,000. Authorized travelers should always try to travel as inexpensively as possible. Usually this means purchasing a partially or fully non-refundable airfare, and planning the trip as far in advance as possible. Sometimes a traveler can save more than one hotel night's expense in airfare by staying somewhere an additional night, usually Saturday. This is encouraged, but not mandatory, and does require advance permission from the Courses Chair.
Automobile Travel
If an authorized traveler chooses to travel to the conference by personal automobile, SIGGRAPH will reimburse up to the cost of a roundtrip airline ticket from the starting destination. SIGGRAPH reimburses at the current ACM mileage rate. Automobile travelers will also receive reimbursement for parking on the same days/nights of the approved lodging.
SIGGRAPH will reimburse hotel room charges plus taxes for the approved nights (per acceptance agreement). If a course presenter shares a room with another presenter they may both receive reimbursement provided that: the hotel bill is in both names and the total length of stay is equal to or greater than the number of nights reimbursed. For example, if two presenters share a room and are authorized two nights each, they can both be reimbursed as long as the total hotel stay is at least four nights.
Not Reimbursed
Meals, phone charges, fees, personal expenses, and guests are not reimbursable by SIGGRAPH 2003.


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