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SIGGRAPH 2003 Fact Sheet
(as of 15 May 2003)

Conference: Sunday 27 July – Thursday 31 July 2003
Exhibition: Tuesday 29 July – Thursday 31 July 2003

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California USA

SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Chair
Alyn Rockwood, Colorado School of Mines

Anticipated Total Attendance: 25,000
Anticipated International Attendance: 5,500 from 75 countries
Anticipated Exhibitors: Over 200 companies


Learn how to apply the fundamental principles and advanced research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. In the 45 courses presented at SIGGRAPH 2003, the world's leading experts present full-day, half-day, and two-hour instructional sessions on topics that enhance knowledge, improve skills, and generate new ideas and opportunities.

Educators Program
Collaborate with practitioners, scientists, developers, educators, and students to create the next generation of computer graphics education. The SIGGRAPH 2003 Educators Program presents papers, panels, forums, and QuickTakes (Pedagogical Sketches) that show how the entire computer graphics discipline, from abstract art to deep science, is evolving to support teaching and learning at every level, from post-graduate to elementary school.

Exhibitor Tech Talks
Explore the full power of this year's most important advances in 3D animation, shading, visualization, processors, APIs, career development, and more. In Exhibitor Tech Talks, SIGGRAPH 2003 exhibitors go beyond short demos to present two-hour tutorials and interactive instruction on their products and services.

Keynote/Awards Session
"Modeling the Cosmos: The Shape of the Universe." Cambridge University astrophysicist Anthony Lasenby studies the shape and evolution of the universe. In the SIGGRAPH 2003 keynote address, he shares the fascination of this research in a presentation aimed at all levels and backgrounds. It includes a new geometric model that has surprising implications for cosmology and how we view and model the universe around us.

Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents three awards:

Significant New Researcher Award: Mathieu Desbrun, University of Southern California
Computer Graphics Achievement Award: Peter Schröder, California Institute of Technology
Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics: Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University

Contemplate the most advanced mathematics, science, solutions, applications, and intellectual adventures in the worldwide computer graphics community. An international jury of specialists applied rigorous criteria in selecting 82 papers for presentation and publication at SIGGRAPH 2003. In addition to work that extends knowledge in traditional SIGGRAPH topics, this year's jury looked for papers that overlap with computer graphics, in areas such as computer vision, cognitive and behavioral modeling, computer games, robotics, audio, haptics, medicine, biology, visualization, and novel applications of graphics.

Sketches & Applications
Watch the future evolve in short, informal summaries of new work, speculative research, adventurous techniques, breakthrough imaging, and amazing effects. In SIGGRAPH 2003 Sketches & Applications, presenters preview their most recent achievements in animation, architecture, art, artificial intelligence, display devices, energy exploration, gaming, graphics, input technologies, mathematics, physics, vision, and much more. Over 170 sketches will be presented in 40 sketch sessions.

Special Sessions
Imagine the future, re-engineer the present, and remember the history of computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2003 Special Sessions are high-profile, fast-moving, interactive presentations by some of the world's most thoughtful, imaginative experts on large topics that cross disciplinary divides.

SIGGRAPH 2003 Special Sessions are Behind the Game: Deconstructing the Successes of 2002; Creatures, Critters & Clones: Styles and Techniques Unique to Industrial Light + Magic; Truth Before Beauty: Guiding Principles for Scientific and Medical Visualization; Android Dreams: The Present and Future of Autonomous Robotics; and Finding Nemo: Story, Art, Technology, and Triage.

Web Graphics
Envision the convergence of design and technology, art and animation, entertainment, education, and research. In SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Graphics, two coordinated programs present the most innovative online work in the world today:

Web Graphics Presentations on advanced techniques and new discoveries.
Web Expo, a gallery of the finest Web-graphics work of 2003.

Both programs focus on key topics in the constantly evolving web industry, including navigation, 3D interfaces, applications, animation, games, multi-platform issues, standards, multi-user spaces, alternative devices, and human-language compatibility.

Get up-close and hands-on with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from hundreds of companies. SIGGRAPH 2003 hosts the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace, featuring the industry's established leaders and emerging challengers.


Academic Exhibits
Collaborate with faculty, staff, and students from education, government, and research institutions. In SIGGRAPH 2003 Academic Exhibits, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, animators, and programmers display and explain their innovative educational systems and breakthrough research achievements.

Art Gallery
The SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery presents CG03: Computer Graphics 2003 in honor of the conference's 30-year anniversary. CG03: Computer Graphics 2003 returns to its roots with an emphasis on digital prints, sculpture, and the growing impact of digital video and animation. Two-hundred and sixty-nine pieces were selected from a record 820 submitted works. Two-hundred and nineteen works are wall art, 34 are sculptures, 16 are digital video and animation pieces.

Computer Animation Festival
The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival is an internationally recognized event that engages and inspires artists and technologists alike. Each year, it serves as a mirror of what is possible today and a window into what can be achieved in the future.

The SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival jury selected 76 pieces from 635 submissions. Pieces were selected based on creative and technical excellence. Twenty-five will be shown in the Electronic Theater and 52 in the Animation Theater (one piece is shown in both.). There are 13 pieces in the Electronic Theater and 18 pieces in the Animation Theater from studios and production companies from around the world. There are 13 international and 5 student pieces in the Electronic Theater. The Animation Theater has 28 international and 14 student pieces.

Emerging Technologies
The 21 installations in SIGGRAPH 2003 Emerging Technologies program showcase research that harnesses advanced computing power to achieve real-time interactivity. From corporate labs, educational institutions, and individuals, Emerging Technologies presents practical and speculative interactive installations in robotics, music, displays technologies, "intelligent" environments, haptics, sensors, wireless, the web, virtual and augmented reality, collaborative environments, art, and entertainment.

Guerilla Studio
Collaborate with advanced digital systems and colleagues from around the world to realize your own vision of the possible, even the improbable. The SIGGRAPH 2003 Guerilla Studio is a hands-on facility for creation and production of 2D images and 3D objects.

Explore how computer graphics and interactive techniques can be used in community education and communication. The San Diego professional chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH presents software projects, web sites, video, and collaborative systems at San Diego's Computer Museum of America.

Get caught up in the Vortechs as networking, gaming, performance, interactive exhibits and you combine in this high-energy meet and greet, stay and play, technology zone.