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Media Events

Emerging Technologies Media Tour
Monday, 28 July
2 - 3 pm
Emerging Technologies Office, Room 6 A

Interact with digital-frontier technologies that are redefining human-computer collaboration. In Emerging Technologies, scientists, engineers, artists, and inventors demonstrate practical and speculative interactivity in robotics, graphics, music, audio, displays, haptics, sensors, gaming, the web, artificial intelligence, visualization, collaborative environments, design, and entertainment. Emerging Technologies Chair Joshua Strickon will guide this tour.

SIGGRAPH 2003 Media Briefing
Tuesday, 29 July
8:15 - 8:50 am
Animation Theater, Room 31 A-C

Early Exhibition Floor Access
Tuesday, 29 July
9 - 10 am
Exhibit Floor

Media representatives must attend the media briefing to receive the list of participating exhibitors.

Art Gallery Media Tour
Wednesday, 30 July
10 - 11 am
Art Gallery Office, top of escalator near Ballroom 20

Visualize the future of digital creativity beyond the postmodern mosaic of current reality. Art Gallery Chair Michael Wright will lead the media tour through this venue.

Exhibitor Media Events
A schedule of various exhibitor media events will be available in the Media Headquarters in Room 25 B-C of the San Diego Convention Center.