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Registered attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times throughout the San Diego Convention Center, except for the Exhibition, where children under 16 are not permitted. Age verification is required for the Exhibition.

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Digital vaporizers and accessories: up to 70% Discount

AK Peters, Ltd.
All books bought or ordered at SIGGRAPH 2003: 20% Discount

ArchVision, Inc
Buy one RPC Library, get the second RPC Library at 50% off plus FREE shipping The second library must be of equal or lesser value to qualify for the 50% discount. Offer valid only to SIGGRAPH 2003 attendees and during the SIGGRAPH 2003 Exhibition dates.

Ascension Technology Corp.
2 Performer Motion Star Wireless: 16% Discount
3 Performer Motion Star Wireless: 18% Discount
4 Performer Motion Star Wireless: 22% Discount
5 Performer Motion Star Wireless: 21% Discount

Chaos Group Ltd./Di-O-Matic, Inc
Facial Studio, Voice-O-Matic, Teach-O-Matic, and Morph Tool Kit: 15% Discount

Course Technology
Books purchased or ordered at SIGGRAPH 2003: 20-30% Discount

Darkling Simulations
DarkTree 2.5: 40% Discount

Digital Element, Inc.
World Builder 3.5, Aurora 2, and Verdant: 40% Discount

Eye Tracking, Inc
Eye Tracking Service: 10% Discount

The Film Industry Flip Book
Flim Industry Flip Book: 10% Discount

Focal Press
All Books: 20-30% Discount

Future Publishing Limited
Magazines: 70% Discount

Graph Stream, Inc.
Graph Stream Render Server, Graph Stream Visualization Server, and Graph Stream Design Server: 10% Discount

Hewlett-Packard Company
HP Workstation XW4100: 19% Discount
HP Workstation XW6000: 24% Discount

MAXON Computer Inc.
Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D XL, Cinema 4D SB, and Body Paint 3D: 10% Discount

Measurand Inc.
ShapeWrap Motion Capture System: 25% Discount

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
All Books: 20-30% Discount

Next Limit S.L.
Real Flow 2.5, Real Flow 2, and Real Wave 2: 20% Discount

Oregon 3D, Inc.
Any course tuition over $300: $100 Certificate

P.I. Engineering, Inc.
X-Keys Desktop (20 Keys) and X-Keys Pro (58 Keys): 10% Discount Red Eye Studio
All Re:Motion: motion libraries bought or ordered at SIGGRAPH 2003: 15% Discount
All motion capture services booked at SIGGRAPH 2003: 15% Discount

Right Hemisphere
Deep Paint 3D: 30% Discount
Deep UV: 25% Discount
Deep Exploration: 20% Discount
Deep Exploration + Granite Module: 10% Discount
Deep Exploration + Core CAD Module: 10% Discount

Vizard VR Software Academic or Commercial: 20% Discount