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Flowing Transformations  

Flowing Transformations displays a continuous series of curve transformations from their linear origins with a very structured flow of color. Any Wall speculates on a possible replacement for Sol LeWitt's draftsperson with a web application for his wall drawings, a simple experiment in viewer directed art.
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Robert Krawczyk
Illinois Institute of Technology

Fresh Mix: A Study in User Interaction With Dynamic Content

An online blender that provides a refreshing interactive experience through the integration of multimedia design and creative programming.
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Maureen Lin

Peter Sigrist


An experimental animation project that depicts the evolution of moving stains of color over time. It is produced by following a process of manipulating moving vector data in real time.
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Gustavo Valgañón


ArtStream: Web Art in a Curatorial Setting

A new exhibition space for Net-Art.
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Tom Hapgood
Triestman Center for New Media, University of Arizona

Lucy Petrovich
James Smith
Cynthia Barlow
Mike Holcomb
Peter Briggs
Charles Guerin
University of Arizona Museum of Art


A web-based project focused on interactive kinetic typography and communal interactivity in the web environment. This project was started with the designer's metaphorical belief that Type is an Organism.
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Gicheol Lee
MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts


An interactive 3D abstract web space, comprised of 12 environments. It mixes abstract visuals, sounds, and interaction, to create an artistic web space to travel into and explore.
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Teresa Lang

Poetic Dialogues

This on-going project iincludes several Flash movies made with the prototype of the first wristwatch camera. Each Flash movie has a sequence of images taken frame by frame of people reciting a verse that the artist wrote. When you enter the project, you see three different faces that establish a dialogue. The interaction among the characters generates a poem. The number of different poems/combinations that you can get is 336.
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Yucef Merhi

A is for Apple

This interactive Flash animation examines a vast secret history of the apple. It probes a large array of subjects, including the Beatlesí Death Clues, the mysterious suicide of cryptographer Alan Turing by poisoned apple, the meaning of the Apple Computer logo, Adam and Eve as forbidden fruit, and much more. It is a history of the apple told in conspiracy theory logic.
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David A. Clark
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Rob Whynot
Randy Knott
Ron Gervais


Studios Pixel: Extreme Animations for the Web

The primordial parameter of this site was the interactivity and applied innovation for each action as users escape from a traditional pattern that separates the art of the consulted content.
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Andrť Luiz MendonÁa
Studios Pixel

Felipe Araujo

Forge FX Contest Page

ForgeFX has been one of the leading companies pushing the technology and practical uses for the Macromedia Shockwave Engine. This site shows examples projects that have been enveloping 3D content on the web.
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David Vaillancourt

Greg Meyers


KDLAB is a creative agency focused on design, direction, and production in various disciplines including architecture, branding, and film. KDLAB's research is part of a larger investigation into various communication paradigms, including interactive media, motion design, and graphic design as they relate to the production and perception of architecture, branding, and film.
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Dean DiSimone

Joseph Kosinski


iknowbetter.com: An experiment in Rich Internet Application community living

This community forum-based Web site is specifically designed as a Rich Internet Application, utilizing the latest enhancement of Flash Player 6 and Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. Participants can watch audio/video recordings left by the forumís members. Recordings can be made with just about any webcam and microphone, without any additional software. The boardís mission is to encourage citizens to express their views on any issues that they find important. The functionality of the application is continually expanding, and itís currently in a beta release.
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Robert Reinhardt
The Content Project / [theMAKERS]

GeoTracker: A Global Weather Snapshot

An application that provides a visitor-based snapshot of global weather in near-real time.

Each user's contributions generate this partial view by accessing available weather stations worldwide. Most importantly, each user can view in real time where are the other users access this application are geographically.
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Marcos Weskamp

TelMeA Theatre

A new online community site where people can use their own avatars that have synthesized voices and various gestures in asynchronous communication.
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Toru Takahashi
ATR Media Information Science Laboratories

Yasuhiro Katagiri
Keiko Nakao



gModeler utilizes the FlashOS2 rich internet application development framework to present a familiar, usable interface to this online UML diagramming and documentation tool. It provides a powerful, collaborative tool for Flash and Javascript programmers to carry out object-oriented analysis and design, and organize the documentation process.
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Grant Skinner

FastScript3D - A JavaScript Companion to Java3D

FastScript3D lets you quickly harness the power of 3D web graphics by providing an extensible JavaScript interface to Java3D. With FastScript3D, you can use JavaScript to customize web pages with interactive 3D applets.
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Patti Koenig Koehler
California Institute of Technology

An Investigation of Best Practices for Interactive Content Controls

A quasi-experimental design that explores which type of interactive control works best for interactive, map-based content on the web.
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James L. Mohler
Purdue University

Nishant Kothary
Ronald Glotzbach


Safe As Mother's Milk: The Hanford Project

A Web site and physical installation examining the history of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a 565-square-mile site located in southeastern Washington State.
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Kim Stringfellow
San Diego State University


"We donít see things as they are; we see things as we are." This quote suggests that what we see depends as much on ourselves as it does on the world around us. We know that seeing is subjective: Each of us sees the world differently. Seeing is active. Our eyes and brains construct the world we see. Seeing is interpreting light. Light carries information into our eyes. But we are still learning about this intricate yet incomplete way of experiencing the world. On this site you can find information about the collection, a selection of online exhibits illustrating visual phenomena, a set of pages exploring novel and thought-provoking ideas about seeing, and many links to other sites where you can find more information about the science and mystery of how we see the world.
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Janet Fouts


An on-going online exhibit from the Exploratorium that pulls visitors into the labs and observatories of todayís leading scientists with rich visuals, audio, video, and live webcasts.
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Janet Fouts

Contents Production Techniques using Web3D

This project aims to research and develop the user interface for information design in 3D space and build up a virtual aquarium model this simultates creatures and their environment.
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Rina Takahashi
Tokyo University of Technology

Naoki Wakabayashi
Taichi Watanabe
Kaori Aoki

The Bowen Virtual Theater

The Bowen Virtual Theater allows students to explore introductory concepts of set design and actor blocking online. Java, motion capture clips, and VRML enable nearly universal access.
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Matthew Lewis
Ohio State University

Processing: A Context for Learning Interactive Web Graphics

Processing is a context for exploring the emerging conceptual space enabled by electronic media. It is a new language and environment for developing interactive web graphics.
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Casey Reas
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Benjamin Fry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab


Online Gaming Applications

The potential for online gaming has reached a point where exciting and innovative titles can be produced and distributed to a large audience quickly and easily. This site outlines tips and techniques used by WDDG in online game programming.
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Kenneth Austin


World-Wide Gallery for Pseudo-3D Photo Collage

In this collection of various samples of virtual space, users can navigate attractive cities around the world.
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Hiroya Tanaka
The University of Tokyo

Shohei Matsukawa
Akira Wakita
Kaoru Misaki
Tom Saito
Hiroki Ito

Interactive 3D Gene Expression Viewer

A web-enabled application designed to work across multiple operating systems. It is tailored to allow for expanding and cross-referenceable volume datasets generated from gene expression. It is the precursor to research in a computer-synthesized gene-projection system.
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Victor Gerth
University of Calgary

Peter Vize

Open-Source Life

Open Source Life participants create virtual-artificially intelligent plants. The plants are tended by virtual visits.
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Nomads & Homesteaders:

Beth Cerny

Diane Figueredo
Chris Keating
Joey Lindsey
Flo McGarrell
Daniel Romano