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Animating Art History: Building a Bridge Between Disciplines
Wednesday, 30 July
8:50 - 9:35 am
Room 15 AB

This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary project challenges traditional educational methodologies, embraces the possibilities of new technology, and uses advanced 3D animation to create original and dynamic tools for classroom use. The course presents difficult concepts in art history to students within the framework of a fully realized animation segment. Through plot, humor, and visual exaggeration, the animation captures student imaginations and facilitates learning. This panel discusses the effectiveness of collaboration between the disciplines of art history and animation and engages the audience in a discussion of computer animation's potential for transforming other fields of study. The presentation demonstrates that computer animation offers educators everywhere a new way to engage the interest of students and create enthusiasm for knowledge.

LiQin Tan
Fine Arts Building
Rutgers University
Camden, New Jersey 08102 USA

Kelli Butz
Stevie Gardiner
Shaun Jennings
Bruce Massey
Roberta K. Tarbell
Robert Wuilfe
Rutgers University

Moving Clocks and Bending Space: A Learning/Interactive Museum Environment (LIME)
Wednesday, 30 July
1:45 - 2:30 pm
Room 15 AB

The process of creating a successful exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History involves a dialogue between those who write the content and those who create the content's presentation. This panel explores creation and evaluation of two non-traditional exhibits (Moving Clocks and You Bend Space-Time) from the current Einstein exhibition. It describes the scientific and philosophical ideas that fueled their conception, explains the design and technological choices, and examines how educational media experiences are evaluated.

Molly Lenore
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, New York 10024 USA

Geralyn Abinader
Richard Guy
Joseph Stein
Gretchen Walker
American Museum of Natural History

Marc Gallo

Allen Sayegh

The Future of Computer Animation Education
Thursday, 31 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 14 AB

An exchange between industry professionals and educators about what works best in the current system of computer animation education, what needs improvement, and how best to implement desirable changes. Topics include the goals of computer animation education, assessment of current curricula, outcomes assessment, and institutional issues.

Tereza Flaxman
Rochester Institute of Technology
1370 East Avenue #2
Rochester, New York 14610 USA

Lorelei Pepi
Rochester Institute of Technology

Perry Harovas
XVIVO Digital Animation

William J. Joel
Western Connecticut State University

Raffaele Scaduto-Mendola
DreamWorks Feature Animation

Steve Weiss
New Riders Publishing

Rachel Falk

Getting the Word Out: How to Publish in the 3D World
Thursday, 31 July
1:45 - 2:30 pm
Room 15 AB

Educators are constantly looking for ways to disseminate their research and teaching methods. Animators and other educators are fevorishly searching out new material to help them raise their work to the next level. Ironically, the 3D publishers of both books and magazines are just as hungry for good material to print in their publications. This panel brings together an international group of book publishers and magazine editors to discuss what they are looking for in proposals and how to prepare your ideas and work for publication.

Adam Watkins, Moderator
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway, Box 389
San Antonio, Texas 78209 USA

Jim Hill
Wordware Publishing

Jenifer Niles
Charles River Media

Vicki Atkinson
3D World Magazine

Producing a Real-World Student Group Project
Thursday, 31 July
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 14 AB

Many digital media/animation departments include student group projects as an important component of their curricula. At the Gnomon School of Visual Effects the latest effort created the visual effects for Roger Corman's feature film "Demon Slayer." This panel features presentations by the visual effects supervisor, the visual effects producer, the CG supervisor, and students. Topics include the history of "Demon Slayer," pluses and problems, working with professionals, setting realistic expectations. and suggestions for finding projects.

Kat Curry
Pam Hogarth
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90029 USA

Craig Sylvester

Gil Zimmerman
DreamWorks SKG

Group-Based Animation and Higher Education
Thursday, 31 July
3:45 - 4:30 pm
Room 14 AB

Group-based animation classes are scattered throughout college course catalogues worldwide. These courses promise to provide undergraduates with valuable, "real," interdisciplinary production experience through their use of industry models of production. But there has been very little public discussion about this approach to educating future animators. The goal of this panel is to engage in such a conversation with the SIGGRAPH community. Educators, students, and industry professionals share their experiences with collaborative animation courses and debate various strategies for teaching them successfully.

Cassidy Curtis

David Hunt
Adrenium Games

Cristin McKee
Hampshire College

Barbara Mones
The University of Washington

Chris Perry
Hampshire College and Pixar Animation Studios

The Importance of Non-Technical Skills in High-End Visual Effects Careers
Thursday, 31 July
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 15 AB

Schools are getting much better at presenting students with the technical skills they need to succeed in high-end visual effects and feature animation. But often a lack of non-technical skills scuttles a digital artist's career. This panel addresses what those "other" skills are and how important they are to an individual's success: from traditional art skills to presentation and communication abilities and working well with others. Panelists include professionals who earn their keep in these industries: studio recruiters, visual effects producers and supervisors, art directors, and digital studio presidents. These are the people who decide who succeeds and who doesn't. They are all also actively involved in education.

Valerie Delahaye
BUF Compagnie

Frank Gladstone
DreamWorks SKG

Pam Hogarth
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90029 USA

Andrew Orloff
Zoic Studios

Debbie Pashkoff
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Stan Szymanski
Sony Pictures Imageworks


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