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Educators Program Ramp In
Wednesday, 30 July
8 - 8:45 am
Room 15 AB

Come kick off the Educators Program with welcoming remarks from the Educators Program Chair and meet members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee.

John Finnegan
SIGGRAPH 2003 Educators Program Chair

Imparting Non-Technical Skills in Digital Media Students
Wednesday, 30 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 15 AB

Because many digital-media careers are in collaborative, creative industries, students need to possess communication, collaboration, and creative skills that are not easily imparted in a classroom setting. Frequently these "non-technical" skills make or break an individual's ability to succeed in the digital-media field. In this session, educators involved in industry outreach, program development, and student interaction are catalysts and guides to a lively discussion of how CG programs can help their students learn these vital skills. The session is open to anyone involved in educating artists and technicians for careers in high-end computer graphics.

Pam Hogarth
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90029 USA

Harry Mott
Otis College of Art and Design

Michael Scroggins
California Institute of the Arts

A New Approach for the Production of Educational Content
Wednesday, 30 July
2:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 15 AB

eLearning is developing at an increasing rate as institutions recognize its potential to reach a fragmented student pool. For awhile, eLearning was touted as the future of education, the goal we should be aiming for to answer the needs of a diversified student population.

However, educators, students, and researchers have raised important issues to challenge some of our assumptions as producers of online courses. Instructors cite a lack of time and training, students complain of isolation and uninspiring content, while researchers question the use of interactivity and its real impact on the user experience.

This forum shows how creative solutions to these issues enriched the process of developing an online course on organized crime. And it proposes some ideas to create more enriching educational online content.

Christine Daviault
Concordia University
350 Roy East
Montréal, Québec H2W 1M9 CANADA

Marcelo Coelho

Sharing Ideas for Teaching Web 3D
Wednesday, 30 July
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 15 AB

An opportunity to share ideas, establish goals, identify critical issues, and list topics that are important in integrating web 3D into a 3D animation curriculum. What are the best ways to serve students? What are the best tools based on ease of use, costs, and ability to publish content on the web? And what can we look forward to in the future?

Don Brutzman
Naval Postgraduate School
Code UW/Br
Monterey, California 93940 USA

Mitch Williams

Game Development & Design: Curricular Challenges and Opportunities
Thursday, 31 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 15 AB

As more schools provide game-based curricula, are the needs of the industry, the students, and the institutions being met? What are the challenges that face schools who have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, curriculum that focuses on game design, development, and study? This session provides a forum for academics and developers to discuss these challenges and subsequent opportunities.

John Buchanon
Electronic Arts

Jason Della Rocca
International Game Developers Association
4977 Orleans
Montréal, Québec H8Y 1Y6 CANADA

The Process of Effective Critiques
Thursday, 31 July
2:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 15 AB

Students must acquire technical, business, and aesthetic vocabulary skills to communicate effectively with peers, superiors, clients, and the public. A well-executed critique process designed to address specific objectives helps the student learn communication processes that are essential for success, and it gives the instructor a quantitative assessment process to evaluate each course and assignment. This forum is designed for novice instructors, instructors new to teaching technology and graphic design, and instructors interested in exploring assessment methods to conduct critiques.

Jana Whittington
Purdue University Calumet
2200 169th Street
Hammond, Indiana 46323-2094

William Joel
Western Connecticut State University

Educators Program Ramp Out
Thursday, 31 July
5:45 - 6:30 pm
Room 15 AB

Tony Longson
SIGGRAPH 2004 Educators Program Chair


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