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Digital Animation
Room 4

Kazuma Morino
Stripe Factory
Many of the built structures in our contemporary urban landscapes are concatenations of pre-fab parts and standardized dimensions. This film plays with different skeletal arrangements of those parts to create images reflective of contemporary building blocks.

Joon Lee
School of Visual Arts
A little girl is leaning against a wall. She looks depressed. Suddenly, a butterfly flies by. It lands on a wildflower. She is interested. The butterfly takes off and flies around the girl. She slowly raises her hand and unfolds her finger. The butterfly lands on her finger. She smiles. Then, the butterfly flies away. She follows it. It lands on a wildflower. She slowly walks toward the flower. She is almost there. She takes a step forward. Click. She steps on a landmine.

Yoichiro Kawaguchi
The University of Tokyo
"Cerebran" is generated for stereoscopic HDTV animation. It expresses the depth of our perception and the depth of the human body, neuron, and brain.

Duality (Balance)
Stephan Larson
Northern Michigan University
An abstract journey from one extreme to another and somewhere in between reveals that the extremes are not so dissimilar. The animation uses a simple shape (the cube) as the geometric building block for complex, sometimes organic, animated systems.

Freeway Wind
Audri Phillips
A visual poem touching upon the temporary nature of life. The sadness that is one and the same with the beauty all around us, from the blur of the freeway to the pear upon the plate. The smell of a certain type of air pollution still brings back poignant memories from childhood.

Into the Air's Memory
Albert Yu
A two-channel computer animation about an elusive aquaintance between a sound seeker who listens to memories of the dead and a woman who wanders aimlessly with an empty wheelchair.

Kokoronagomu ("The Heart is Softened")
Rumiko Hoya
The story of a youth transformed into an old person by modern society. Encountering a rice bowl with a traditional Japanese pattern, he uses his child-like imagination to heal his heart just a little bit.

Brit Bunkley
Quay School of the Arts
Santa Claus is a mythical figure with roots in ancient European folklore. Eventually, this character was brought to Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York). It was in this future commercial and military capital of the world where our modern globalized concept of a jolly fat Santa Claus emerged in the 19th century.

Monsters of Time
Eunjung Hwang
School of Visual Arts
A journey into an everlasting image-producing memory abyss that explores the undercurrent with a fluoroscopic vision. This dangerous descent is a sensuous, psychological, and sometimes extrasensory activity that creates "thought-pictures" or "puzzle-pictures," which are questions rather than answers.

Lisa Hsu
Diginoise Media Lab
A short film about a little patch-gear robot named Nobo and his attempt to discover the world beyond the hidden sky. Set within a highly developed, but technologically over-mechanized landscape dense with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, "Nobo"paints an environmental wasteland where the only occupants are robots, and buildings are built so high up on top of one another that the sky has virtually disappeared.

Sizzling Kung Fu Mice
Mitchell Kriegman
Three mice struggle to escape a cat that pursues them through a Chinese restaurant. The mice fight their enemy with chopsticks, toothpicks, and after-dinner mints, proving themselves to their kung-fu master in a surprising twist.

Joe Takayama
Musashino Art University
A collection of sequences created using probability theory and two-dimensional metaballs. For the purpose of controlling elements such as motions, colors, sizes, and speeds, behavior patterns defined by Markov chain and random numbers were applied to thousands of individual meatballs.

Terminal Bar
Stefan Nadelman
Terminal Bar is a kinetic, photo-driven documentary of one of the toughest, grittiest bars in Times Square, Manhattan, as seen through the haunting black-and-white photographs taken by bartender Sheldon Nadelman from 1972 to 1982.

Digital Video
Room 5 A

8 Bits or Less
Patrick Lichty
Intelligent Agent
An exploration of nascent forms of digital video and the altered sense of perception that it creates. Created with a Casio WristCam, each frame was shot individually and then hand composited in non-linear video editing software.

Between Thoughts
Kate Johnson
A multi-layered stream-of-consciousness exploration of the myriad of impressions that can course through us in the creative moment.

DV Film Festival 2002
Dave Kapoor
DV Magazine

Hummingbird: Multi-Reality Art
Yu Hasegawa-Johnson
Kyoto School of Computer Science
A documentary on the creation of "Hummingbird," in which a dancer in Illinois appears as an avatar in California, in real time.

I Statements
Celeste Joy Greer
Nicole Ruby
Mark Yamamoto
"I Statements" was written as a 30-minute "stream of consciousness" that uses "I" to focus on revealing the individual emotions.  Over the course of numerous still and video shoots, the team found they were expressing latent pain, making their commitment to the project that much more intense and personal.

Arie Stavchansky
University of Texas at Austin
"Intersection" is about choices we make in life and who we choose to make them with. Through a window on a rainy day, a constant flow of cars at an intersection disperses in different directions while raindrops tell a similar but hopeful story.

Mario's Furniture
S E Barnet
Otis College of Art and Design
Hillary Mushkin
Orange Coast College
An interactive video installation that's played, recorded, and exhibited in the gaming space. Future versions of "Mario's Furniture" may include live games projected and scored in the style of games played here by Mushkin and Barnet.

Nature in Mind
Chung Kyu Kim
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
A man who lives and works in a city often misses the world of nature. Keeping our "natural mind" is important, as we live in a digital culture. We can succeed as a digital generation, but only if we do not lose our natural minds and thoughts.

Quantum Entanglement
Michael Masucci
EZTV Media
This work is an off-beat, sometimes surrealistic drama, combining psychological uncertainties, the paranormal, and their inexplicable interconnection with the bleeding-edge concepts in modern theoretical and quantum psychics.

Holly Willis
RES Media Group
RESFEST is an international traveling festival of innovative shorts, music videos, design films, and features. This "Best of RESFEST" screening presents a survey of projects from the 2002 festival.

Three Way Conversation
Susan Sloan
Bournemouth University
This fractured conversation constructed from separate monologues links portraits of the participants and, at the same time, isolates them in their own spaces. The work questions the structures of perception, the intrinsic elements in the construction of representation.

Tokyo Sign War
Junko Hoshizawa Sedlack
Signs floating in Tokyo yell at each other silently and enter your brain unconsciously. The final question: "How much truth have you found?" Because signs often lie.


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