Final submissions must be received by: 12 March 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.

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[Submission Procedure Checklist - Web Expo]

We must receive your electronic Web Graphics submission and any additional materials (such as videotapes, and CDs), by Wednesday, 12 March 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.

Use this checklist to ensure that your submission is complete and that it meets all applicable program requirements:

1. Create an online SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Expo Submission Form as soon as you decide that you will be submitting.

When you create this form, your submission will be assigned an online ID number that will be used to identify your submission throughout the review process. Make a record of this number. There will be some fields in this form that you cannot complete at this time, but these fields will be completed later. Please place your online ID number on all submitted documents, files and correspondence.

2. Use the online submission form to upload a one-page introduction to your Web site. The introduction should describe any significant features of the Web site, setup instructions (for example, client software installations required), instructions for navigation, and any background material that is important for evaluation of the site. This will be distributed to reviewers. Your introduction can be a PDF, Word, or text file and should also contain your online ID number. We will remove the online ID before your work is printed, but we need it in the document for the jury process.

3. On the form, submit a 30-word summary suitable for pre-conference publicity.

4. Enter the URL for your Web Expo submission in the online form. This should link to the relevant content as directly as possible. Please ensure that it does not delay the review process with lengthy registration procedures. Also, make sure that the URL will continue to function correctly until the end of the reviewing process (mid-April 2003). Because this is a Web Graphics program, the functionality of your Web site will be of particular interest to the reviewers. If the Web site is in development or is missing some significant functionality, make sure that you identify such discrepancies and explain your plans to correct them.

4. Include a statement of any required software installations needed for browsing the Web site, plus any information required to configure the client and/or server for the Web content.

5. OPTIONAL: Use the English Review Service to help with the text of your submission.

Supplemental Materials

Offline content can be provided on CD-ROM.

CD-ROMs and other supplemental material must be received before the Web Graphics submission deadline (12 March 2003, 5 pm Pacific time). Please send supplemental materials to:

Alan Norton
SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Graphics Chair
5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA


Submitters located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks can occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2003 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission. Submissions delayed past the submission deadline will not be accepted for review.

Return of Review Materials

Materials submitted to the SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Graphics Committee will not be returned.



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