Final submissions must be received by: 12 March 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.

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Presentation Format
Accepted sketches or applications, with figures, are included in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Select CD-ROM and Full Conference DVD. Each sketch or application is allowed one page for text, graphs, and figures. The most important part of the sketch or application is the presentation. Each participant will be expected to give a 15-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer period. Presenters may include real-time demonstrations, videos, and audience interaction.
Each presentation is grouped with two or three other presentations based around a common theme. The Sketches & Applications jury may invite authors of particularly interesting presentations to schedule two identical presentations within different sessions. Some presentations may include invited presenters. Experimental or controversial submissions may be presented in a special session. Where appropriate and feasible, the presentations may be held in or near another related SIGGRAPH 2003 program.
Submission Formats
Authors are required to submit their sketches or applications on one sheet of paper, with figures and graphs focusing on the novel aspects of their submission. (You may also include three extra pages of information for the jury, but the idea of your sketch or application should be well communicated in the initial page.) This is not very much space, so use the space wisely. It's advisable to get right to the heart of the idea at once in the text, with only a small, concentrated preamble. It is also advisable to include a couple of the most significant references relevant to your work. Upon acceptance, authors will have the opportunity to make final minor adjustments.
Text Format
Authors must submit their sketches and applications in PDF files properly formatted for publication in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Select CD-ROM and Full Conference DVD. For complete details on font, layout, and image requirements, and instructions for creating your PDF file, please see the publication guidelines for excellent examples.
Sketches & Applications are limited to one sheet of paper, including all figures, graphs, and tables. Please refer to the publication guidelines for excellent examples.
Submitters are encouraged to submit video demonstrations of their projects. If your submission is about an animation project, you are required to submit a video. Videos, if provided, must be in NTSC VHS format.
Optional: you may include a CD-ROM that contains additional materials such as images, videos, or electronic documents. Please note that CD-ROMs do not form a part of the official submission and will be viewed only at the discretion of the reviewers. All CD-ROM content should be in a portable format, such as PDF or HTML for documents, JPEG for images, and MPEG for video.
Other Material
Do not send materials other than the sketch or application, a CD-ROM, and the video in your submission. In exceptional circumstances, other materials MAY be considered for review, but only with prior agreement of the Sketches & Applications Chair.


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