Submissions must be received by: 22 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time. This is a firm deadline.

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Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers, with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for final publication. Please use the ACM SIGGRAPH paper preparation guidelines.
Be sure that all pages are numbered and that each page includes the paper's online ID number (see Submission Procedure Checklist).
Authors are also required to submit a PDF version of the paper (see Submission Procedure Checklist) that contains the paper's online ID number, without any author identification. It is important that the PDF be identical to the hardcopy that is sent in. Please be careful to keep the PDF version anonymous (in some operating systems, the "properties" of a PDF file may contain the creator's name).
Paper Length
There is no arbitrary maximum length imposed on papers. However, reviewers will be instructed to weigh the contribution of a paper relative to its length. For example, a useful idea presented completely in four pages is more likely to be accepted than the same idea presented in eight pages. Papers longer than 8-10 pages must make a very significant contribution to be accepted. Papers of four or fewer pages will be held to a less-strict standard of citation and description of related work; comparison to the strongest alternative techniques is still important, but an exhaustive review is not necessary. You must declare the page length of your paper in the Papers Submission Form (and it does not need to be an even number).
Videos and DVDs
Papers may be accompanied by a video or DVD that is no longer than five minutes. In recent years, well over half of the accepted papers were accompanied by a videotape. To the extent possible, accepted papers should stand on their own, with the video/DVD providing supplementary information or confirmation of results. However it is appropriate to refer to the video in the paper. Videos and DVDs should not be included unless substantively similar footage can appear in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Proceedings Videotape/DVD. Videos must be in NTSC VHS format. DVDs should play in a consumer-grade (non-computer) player.
CD-ROMs and DVDs
Papers may be optionally accompanied by a CD-ROM or DVD containing additional materials such as images, videos, or electronic documents. These materials do not form a part of the official submission and will be viewed only at the discretion of the reviewers. All content should be in a portable format that is unlikely to require the user to download additional programs (for example, PDF or HTML for documents, JPEG for images, and QuickTime or MPEG for video).
Related Papers
If you have a related paper that is under review elsewhere, please send an anonymous printed version of this paper with your submission materials. You may also wish to include an anonymous version of the paper on the CD-ROM. The reviewers would then be able to access this material with the understanding that it will appear as at least a tech report before the final version of the SIGGRAPH paper is complete.
Other Material
Do not send materials other than the paper, the CD-ROM, the DVD, and the video in your submission. In exceptional circumstances, other materials MAY be considered for review, but only with prior agreement of the Papers Chair.


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