Submissions must be received by: 22 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time. This is a firm deadline.

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[Submission Procedure Checklist]
We must receive your paper, along with your Papers Submission Form by Wednesday, 22 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time. See detailed instructions below.
Papers that arrive after 5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, 22 January 2003 will be returned to the authors without review, as will any papers for which a Papers Submission Form has not been completed by the deadline. Papers whose title, abstract, keywords, or page length differ significantly from those of the corresponding Papers Submission Form may also be returned without review.
Note: The Papers submission deadline will be strictly enforced.
Use this checklist to ensure that your submission is complete and that it meets all applicable program requirements:
1. Create an online SIGGRAPH 2003 Papers Submission Form as soon as you decide that you will be submitting a paper. (You can change your mind later.) When you create this form, your entry will be assigned an online ID number that will be used to identify your submission throughout the review process. Make a record of this number. There will be some fields in this form that you cannot complete at this time. These fields will be completed later.
2. Prepare six copies of the paper, printed on 8.5-inch x 11-inch or A4 size sheets.
Staple each of the six copies individually.
Number each page.
Print the online ID number (from the Papers Submission Form) on each page.
Indicate the category of the paper (Research, System, Process, or Alternative) beneath the title on the first page.
Include an abstract of approximately 200 words.
Select one or more topic areas that best decribe your paper.
Remove any information from your submission (including your paper and optional video, CD-ROM, or DVD) that unnecessarily identifies you or any of the other authors, or any of your institutions or places of work. You must completely reference all relevant work, however, including your own and that of the other authors. In the paper, refer to your own published or otherwise widely known work, and to that of the other authors, in the third person (for example: his work, her work, their work). Reference as "anonymous" only work that you or the other authors have submitted for publication, but that has not yet been published.
Print images on the pages of the paper, or attach them to the pages.
3. Prepare a Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the paper, including the online ID number in some prominent place (for example, in the title, as in "Rendering Hair (Online ID 402)," or in a running header). The PDF version should be exactly the same as the printed version that you send in, and it should be anonymous.
4. After your paper is complete, return to this Web site and complete the SIGGRAPH 2003 Papers Submission Form. The title, abstract, topic areas, and declared category that you include on this form must exactly match those of the printed paper that you submit. You must also declare the length, in final formatted pages, of your paper as it will appear (if it is accepted) in the Conference Proceedings. Since your submitted paper must be in final format, the declared page length must be the number of pages in the submitted paper. The number of pages may be either even or odd.
5. Send the six copies of the paper and any other submission materials to:
Jessica Hodgins
SIGGRAPH 2003 Papers Chair
5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA
All of your submission materials must be received at this address by Wednesday, 22 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time or they will not be considered for SIGGRAPH 2003. Faxed or electronic submission materials are not accepted.
6. Include a single copy of each paper that is closely related to your SIGGRAPH 2003 paper and that you or a co-author have submitted to another conference or journal where it is currently under consideration, or has been accepted for publication. These papers need not be anonymous, as they will be used only by the senior reviewers to determine the uniqueness of the submitted work. Alternatively, you may include these papers in anonymized form on the CD-ROM.
Your paper cannot have been previously published in an equivalent or similar form. A paper is considered published if it has appeared in a peer-reviewed journal or in published meeting proceedings that are commercially available afterward to non-attendees, regardless of the language of that publication.
7. Use the electronic submission system to upload a PDF version of your paper, also by Wednesday, 22 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.
8. OPTIONAL: Submissions may include six copies of an NTSC VHS videotape, a CD-ROM, or DVD. Maximum length of footage is five minutes. Each tape, CD-ROM, or DVD must be labeled with only the paper title and online ID number, and each videotape should have its write-enable tab removed. You must have the permissions to use all the footage or the acceptance of your paper will be rescinded.
9. OPTIONAL: If your paper is a revision of a paper that has previously been submitted to a SIGGRAPH conference, you may include copies of the reviews that it received, and of your responses to them. Only the senior reviewers will see these earlier reviews and comments. Note that simply responding to all earlier criticisms will not guarantee acceptance. It is not necessary to identify a paper as a revision of a previous submission, however, or to include any review information regarding earlier submissions.
10. OPTIONAL: Contact phone number. Occasionally during the Papers Committee meeting, members of the committee wish that they could have some additional information that only the author can provide. If you would like to provide us with a phone number at which we can try to contact you during that weekend meeting (21-23 March 2003), please enter your phone number in the submission form. If you do so, be sure to indicate the hours at which we may call you, including your time zone.
11. OPTIONAL: Use the English Review Service to help with the text of your submission.
Submitters located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks can occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2003 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission. Submissions delayed past the submission deadline will not be accepted for review.
Return of Review Materials
Materials submitted to the SIGGRAPH 2003 Papers Committee will not be returned to the authors.


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