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[Expense Policy]
If at any time you have questions regarding expenses you may incur, please contact the Courses Chair. All pre-approvals must be obtained from the Conference Chair or Conference Administration.
Travel Approval
Course organizers must complete and return the Courses Acceptance Agreement to the Courses Chair in order for their course presenters to receive travel authorization to the annual SIGGRAPH conference.
Full-day courses receive travel for up to four course presenters, half-day courses receive travel for up to two course presenters, and tutorials receive travel for one course presenter.
For full-day courses, travel includes two nights lodging, transportation to and from the airport, and airfare/automobile travel.÷ For half-day courses and tutorials, travel includes one night lodging, transportation to and from the airport, and airfare/automobile travel.
Air Travel
Authorized travelers should always travel as inexpensively as possible. Usually this means purchasing a partially or fully nonrefundable airfare online and planning the trip as far in advance as possible. Sometimes more than one hotel nightÍs expense can be saved in airfare by staying somewhere an additional night, usually Saturday. This is encouraged, but not mandatory, and does require advance permission.
Travel on a preferred carrier can be requested, but if the ticket price is substantially less expensive on another carrier, the traveler may not insist on the preferred carrier just to accumulate frequent-flyer miles.
SIGGRAPH will not cover fees incurred when booking through a travel agent.
Automobile Travel
If an authorized traveler chooses to travel to the conference using a personal automobile, SIGGRAPH will reimburse the traveler up to the cost of a round-trip airline ticket from the starting destination provided it is more practical and/or cheaper than the total combined cost of plane, taxi, etc. SIGGRAPH reimburses at the current IRS mileage rate.÷ Automobile travelers will also receive reimbursement for parking on the same days/nights of the approved lodging. If traveling by car is more expensive than air travel SIGGRAPH will only reimburse up to the amount of the plane ticket. The traveler must document what the cost of the ticket would have been if it were purchased at least 21 days before the travel date and attach it to the expense report. Preapproval must be received for any automobile travel.
Ground Transportation
Transportation to and from airports should be by the lowest-cost commercial carrier available (airport bus, subway, etc.). Excessive ground transportation charges may be reimbursed at a lower level if a more reasonable option was available. In most cities, two passengers in a taxi going downtown travel as inexpensively as the airport shuttle. SIGGRAPH will reimburse travelers for either shuttle bus, subway, or taxi transportation to and from the airport. Receipts should be kept and attached to the expense report.
Car rentals and parking fees are not reimbursable unless preapproved.
SIGGRAPH will reimburse room and tax fees for the approved nights (per acceptance agreement). A room rate cap will be decided and enforced by the Courses Chair, taking in to account that year's Course Presenter travel budget, as well as room rates in the conference city. ÷A basic guideline to consider for room rates could be the conference headquarters hotel.
÷If a course presenter shares a room with another presenter, they may both receive reimbursement provided the following:÷ the hotel bill is in both names, and the total length of stay is equal to or greater than the number of nights reimbursed.÷ For example, if two presenters share a room and are authorized two nights each, they can both be reimbursed as long as the total hotel stay is at least four nights.
Moderate tips are allowed for services that are reimbursable, such as housekeeping and ground transportation.
ACM policy requires receipts for all expenses except tips. If any receipts are missing, it should be noted in the EXPLANATION OF EXPENSES portion of the expense report form. Always attach original receipts to the expense report. If original receipts are not available, attach clearly legible photocopies to the SIGGRAPH expense report. Missing receipts and unusual expenses without explanations will delay processing of expense reports, or will disqualify the expenses.
All expense reports must be signed by the traveler requesting reimbursement and supported by original receipts. Any expenses in foreign currency amounts will be converted at the exchange rate in effect on the day the check request is processed. In order to be reimbursed, expense reports must be received by Conference Administration immediately after the expenses were incurred. Expense reports received 90 days after the completion of travel will not be reimbursed.÷
Not Reimbursed
Meals, phone and Internet charges, fees, personal expenses, and guests are not reimbursable by SIGGRAPH.


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