Final submissions must be received by: 8 January 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.

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[Frequently Asked Questions]
I notice that there is no longer an Early Feedback option for a SIGGRAPH 2003 course proposal. Is there any way for me to submit a proposal idea for early feedback?
For SIGGRAPH 2003, you may submit an Early Abstract or Proposal.
I have never done this before and am having a bit of trouble coordinating the different presenters who need to sign the forms, since we are all at different organizations. I am looking for guidance here, since I would hate to have the proposal rejected over lack of a signed document. Should I drop the speakers from outside organizations and go with speakers who are all from the same organization, or is that frowned upon?
A diversity of presenters is generally encouraged. However, if it is appropriate and necessary for all presenters to come from the same organization, then proceed with your proposal, making sure your reasons for inviting those presenters are clear.
What's the difference between a course and a tutorial? I don't see this on the Web site, and I want to make sure I get it right.
Tutorials are short courses. There are three types of courses: full day (seven hours, typically four presenters), half day (3.5 hours, typically two presenters), and tutorial (1.75 hours, typically one presenter).
I just realized that I missed the deadline for submitting a proposal. I wonder if it is not too late, however, to submit one anyway.
Course proposals submitted after the deadline cannot be considered.
I have filled out the online form for a course. I would like to add a presenter, but cannot figure out how to get back into the system to change the form.
The contents of your online submission may be modified at any time until it is completed and submitted. Until that time, you may edit your form by returning to the online submission system and entering your username and password. When the system displays your form, simply hit the review/edit button to edit your form.
If I give a tutorial, will you provide financial aid?
Some support is provided. See Courses Expense Policy for complete details on reimbursable costs. SIGGRAPH 2003 does not provide financial assistance beyond the Courses Expense Policy.
Can I have some confirmation that ALL the physically mailed (via postal or courier service) or faxed materials that you require have been received?
If you require confirmation that your your materials have been received by SIGGRAPH 2003, please send them via a courier service that allows you to track your shipment. We regret that we cannot provide receipt confirmations for postal packages or faxes.
I was wondering if we could get an extension for a few days while we get the rest of the proposal together?
All materials must be submitted by the deadline.
I was disappointed when I logged onto your site and saw the notice that the deadline for course proposals was 8 January 2003. Is there still an opportunity for us to participate?
Unfortunately, we are not able to extend this deadline, due to an extremely tight review and production schedule.
I am a student majoring in computer animation. I am eager to attend SIGGRAPH 2003. When I checked the Courses, I noticed that the session is already closed. I didn't know it closed so early. Is there any way I could be able to sign up for SIGGRAPH 2003 and the Courses? If I could, where do I sign up?
What you saw, and what was closed, is the Call for Participation for Courses for SIGGRAPH 2003. There will be plenty of time to register for the conference and Courses. Full Conference registration is required to attend Courses. Seating in course sessions is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may want to also check the Student Volunteers section for information on becoming a student volunteer.
I would like to speak on the following topics: hair rendering, particle systems, simple/fast inverse kinematics, facial animation, producing an independent short film. If you think I'd be a useful addition to one of your current courses, please let me know.
The course organizer submits a list of proposed speakers for the course, and occasionally there are substitutions to this list. You may wish to review the list of accepted courses (available on this Web site in March 2003) to determine if there is one to which you might contribute, and then contact the organizer. On the other hand, you may wish to submit your own proposal if the deadline for submission has not yet passed.
A recent item in Computer Graphics World stated that SIGGRAPH 2003 was looking for people to teach a course during the conference.
We are always interested in receiving course proposals. But they must be received by the submission deadline. After that, you may wish to consider submitting to another program, or to SIGGRAPH 2004.
I'm interested in taking 3ds max and Viz classes at this year's SIGGRAPH conference. I'm in the A/E/C field, doing building walkthroughs and such. Are there classes with these subjects?
The complete list of SIGGRAPH 2003 Courses will be available on this Web site in March 2003.


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